Friday, April 9, 2010


So...a few days ago John and I were riding in his truck and he got a phone call from his former-boss who is now located in Charlotte, NC. After some time, John hung up, looked over at me, and said 'well, they want to set up an interview'. Two more times that day John got phone calls related to potential job opportunities. These are the only 3 calls he has received in this year of unemployment. I cannot tell you what a blessing, and what an answered prayer these calls are- finally, some light at the end of a very dark tunnel. There is hope, there is a chance, we might just have employment here people.
After all of this excitement, came the questions- well, what do we do? where do we move? do i start looking for new jobs too, for a new place to live? what happens if this job acutally happens for us? Our entire life is potentially about to change...again.

So here's my request- John goes tomorrow morning for his interview with his former boss. So pray for him and his boss, that things go smoothly, that if it is meant to work out it will and it will be a blessing for us. If it is not meant to work out- then let our hearts know that and find peace with that.
If a job does come of this, pray for the decisions we will face regarding living situation/my job/etc.

One phone call and everything changes! What a blessing :)

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