Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gratitude List #9-17

9. John got the JOB!!!! Our year of unemployment is officially over!
10. Vacations- no matter how short/small they may be
11. great friends- and traveling with them
12. beautiful places- we just got back from the bahamas
13. baseball season- i know college season has been going on for some time- but now the minor league team is playing!
14. warmer weather
15. my sister- i love her and her sweet self.
16. sweet patients that teach me, and make me laugh.
17. seeing the perfect way that the Lord makes life fall into place...exactly when He wants to.

What a beautiful past few weeks John and I have had. The day before we left on our 3 night bahamas cruise, John got the job offer and of course, accepted. It is such a relief to know that that trying and stressful time in our life is finally over. After such great news, we were celebrating! Our cruise left Friday and returned Monday- and we spent two great days in the Bahamas with some of our great friends, Sarah and Aaron. It's just fun to travel with friends. The weather wasnt' perfect- but we really all had a great time and both celebrated our first anniversaries, and John's job.
Coming back to work has been hard thats for sure! John and I are currently looking for a new rent house inbetween where his job and my job are, starting to pack up our little house (which I already miss...), and getting excited about all that the Lord is doing in our lives. His plan fell perfectly together for us- and we are just so grateful and blessed by all of it.

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