Sunday, June 27, 2010


So...I have an opportunity to go to India in March for 8 days through my parents church. They are teaming with Compassion International and their sister church in India and going to serve in Calcutta. Secondly, if I being sponsoring a child now through compassion international, they will pair me with one in that community and I will MEET yes MEET the child I am sponsoring. Incredible, right?

So let the praying begin, because while this is the answer I've been looking for I want to make sure I'm going for the right reasons, not because 'hey its india.'

There is another potential option to go to the Dominican Republic with a local doctor on a medical trip (no religious affiliation) but I have no real info on the trip and a deposit for India is due by July 15.

I'm praying that God shows me which way He wants me to go- be it medical because I am a nurse, or India- because thats where he says to go. I know either place I will be blessed and either place I will grow...but ultimately its not up to me, and I know that. So hopefully He'll let me know soon which way that is!

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