Monday, July 12, 2010

Gratitude 56-83

56. learning, constantly.
57. my job- and that i get to take care of such incredible people
58. being there to help a woman and her family as she passes away- what a precious moment.
59. a day with my parents
60. Pie in the Sky pizza
61. jeeps- namely my dad's new one!
62. the new boat John and I bought, Pirate's Life
63. a few days away at the beach
64. the provision company- the view, the food, the laid back atmosphere that does my soul so good.
65. driving the boat over to bald head island for the day
66. bald head island
67. a lemonade stand
68. the carolina coast
69. my in-laws keeping my doggy so we could go away.
70. the means to travel
71. a good book, beach chair, ocean breeze and incredible view
72. blue skies
73. 2 days of rest before going back to work
74. my sweet Josie dog- I missed her so much while we were gone!
75. Getting to snuggle with Josie in the bed this morning after John left for work
76. John- and how excited he gets about things in life
77. pictures and a website like shutterfly to help me document all our memories
78. an unexpected email from my former Young Life leader
79. a great deal on ebay
80. planning a camping trip with friends on the lake
81. a cool cloudy day today so i can get things done inside and not feel like i'm missing something outside
82. a summertime baseball game- and 4th of july fireworks
83. my health- and that i don't have to spend the holidays in the hospital

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