Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Well, its pretty much almost official. March 6-14, 2011, I will be in Kolkata, India. Home of Mother Teresa. Home of where she worked, prayed, and loved on the people of India. Home of her orphanages, infirmaries, and schools. Home of a church that my team will be going to serve and work alongside through Compassion International. Can I tell you how excited, nervous, scared, and completely shocked right now? Missions are something that are a huge part of my heart, and for the past few years I have been a little out of touch with- not for lack of trying, but due to life's changes it wasn't a priority and wasn't my immediate focus. I really felt like over the past few months God was saying 'Katie- its time again....' And so here came my open door- India.
Now I'm excited about it don't get me wrong but I'm also a little terrified- when I think missions and goal and heart has always been in Africa. So when it was India, not Africa...I was a little apprehensive. Secondly- it is not a medical mssion trip- something I have also felt called to. After a lot of soul searching, praying and conversations with friends and family- I came to the conclusion that I don't need to question the doors that the Lord opens for me, I simply need to say "Yes. I will go."

So I'm going! Pray for my team, that we build each other and strengthen each other rather than tear each other down. Pray for the people we encounter in India and their hearts that they are prepared for us and ready to learn and be loved. Pray for safe travels. Pray for financial provision to get us there. Pray for my heart- that it be prepared and open to the people of India and what the Lord is ready to teach me. PRAY! :)

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