Sunday, August 1, 2010

For the past few weeks, since I paid the deposit to go to India, I will be honest- I've been scared. I spend my 45 minute car ride to work mulling over if I have made the right decision, if it is truly what the Lord wants for me....I've been praying saying 'Please, give me a clear answer, tell me I'm doing the right thing' and I haven't gotten any sort of response (that I've been willing to see) until today.

Today John and I went to my parents church in Mooresville, to hear a special speaker. The speaker is the pastors wife at Providence UMC in charlotte. She was in Haiti when the earthquake hit, and survived. The earthquake in Haiti hit on my birthday, so while I was celebrating the big 23 she was fighting for her life, and for her family to get back safely to them. She had the whole place in tears, moved by her story of courage and fear, and ultimate faith. Being so brave to say 'If this is Your Will Lord, let it be' when she felt she surely wouldn't survive. She ended her story by saying if the Lord is calling, just say YES. and Go. and for once, in all of my fence sitting- I felt a pull to 'yes...go.'

After the service I introduced myself to the missions minister at the church who is helping lead the team to India, and I was so moved- she informed me, that when they found out I was a nurse- it opened doors for them to consider healthcare missionwork while we are there- PRAISE!

So I'm praying that this journey continues to fall into place and that I continue to grow and learn and trust most of all that the Lord has prepared the way.

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