Friday, August 13, 2010

Gratitude 84-97

84. hearing the story of a woman who survived the earthquake in haiti.
85. Josie in her new lifejacket
86. going on walks after dinner with john and josie
87. a weekend at carolina beach to celebrate my dad's birthday
88. britts donut shop
89. craig woolard band- yay for live beach music
90. wandering wilmington with my hubby
91. sitting at dockside watching the boats go past
92. a great day with my husband
93. the book "Coaching Third" by Bethany Bradsher- great story of an amazing coach and man
94. Habitat for Humanity
95. Football- and that fall is almost here
96. cute photo albums for really cheap
97. a catch up phone call with my sweet friend Adrienne
98. leaning on the promises.
99. learning to be content.
100. still learning patience.

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