Sunday, December 5, 2010

its all part of the experience, honey....

I love the movie Christmas Vacation, and prior to leaving to go up to the mountains to get our christmas tree I thought about the line when the Griswalds have found that perfect tree and are standing there marveling at it in the snow, the mom looks at Clark and says "Audrey's frozen from the waist down, Clark." to which Clark Griswald replys "...its all part of the experience, honey."

Last year the hubs and I made the trip to the Biltmore Estate a couple weeks before Christmas for our something memorable to do as our first holiday season as a married couple. They were calling for snow, but it wasn't supposed to start until way later in the day so we figured we could get up there and back before the roads got too bad. Well...we went, we saw, and we conquered. and what took 1.5 hours to get to, took nearly 7 hours and a closed Interstate 40 to get back home.

This year we set out to get the perfect christmas tree ever, and yet again they were calling for "FLURRIES"...nothing that would stick to the ground. So we figured, okay we can do this...we'll be back before the roads get bad. So we followed my mother in law, neice, brother in law and sister in law up the mountain to the tree farm....Here are some pictures of our adventure....

Everyone setting out to find the trees...notice the flurries that aren't sticking to the ground...

Sweet her :)

Us with our Christmas Tree- :)

Hubster hard at work finding a tree for my sister in law (his sister)...notice the flurries that still aren't sticking and getting heavier and heavier.... At this point hubs keeps saying "We've got to GO..." I think he was having Biltmore trip flashbacks...
Me and sweet neice...she doesn't look at cameras.

Sister in law, Neicey, and Brother in law finally found their perfect tree and snapped the annual photo.

Just flurries still....right? Not sticking at all...right? Right.
Wrapping up the tree...we had to get goin!
The scene as we were pulling out....beautiful! But the roads were bad, and we definitly left at a good time. Now back to my original Griswald reference....I think I've just come to realize, that all of our little adventures never quite go as planned...and that's quite alright. Because, its all part of the experience, honey. :) And they are some of the sweetest memories I will have. Hope you and yours are as blessed this season as I am to have those unplanned experiences that make life so much better.

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