Tuesday, January 11, 2011

busy little snowday

So yesterday, I decided that I was going to accomplish two things on my snowday that I so desperately wanted to be a day at the beach...anywho...

1. organize my laundry closet
2. organzie/create my crafty space in the upstairs bedroom that up until this point has just been storage-ish room where things that don' thave a home can go.

So the hubs graciously drove me to wally world and marshalls where I found some great great things to do my quick projects. The roads weren't bad yesterday, however today they are just an ice skating rink.

Here's the pretty little laundry closet- I know its not lifechanging, but up until today we've just had things stuffed on shelves. So today at wallyworld I bought all those little white organizer bins and now everybody's got a home in them. The puppy dog has her own bin, the laundry supplies have their own bin, and so forth. I think its suffice to say everybody in the closet feels more loved now that they have a little home. :) And my mind feels more at ease knowing a)where to find said stuff, and b)being able to open the closet and look at its prettyness.

And I had to share beautiful find at Marshalls...I'm not going to share pictures of the room yet because its not officially finished, I can't get out of the driveway today to go get the rest of the things I'd like to have in the room. BUT- this pretty little thing was just sitting there waiting for me. I needed a chair for my desk and this originally $80 friend was on clearance or $25!!! HELLOOOOO my new bff. So here she is at her new home...she looks excited, don't you think?

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