Sunday, January 23, 2011

NC Transportation Depot- Photography Lesson with my dad….

Recently I’ve taken interest in photography. My dad, took up photography a while back after some injuries inhibited his golf game- and lemme tell ya, he’s great at what he does. So today he and I took a trip over to the NC Transportation Depot in Spencer, NC to get some one on one training and help with me learning how to take some pretty cool shots. And for day one, lesson one, I won’t lie- I’m pretty proud of myself! These were all shot with my dad’s Nikon D80, he lets me steal his every once in a while until I can buy one for myself. So here’s some from the day- enjoy!

train depot 013 train depot 018 train depot 030

train depot 016

train depot 024 train depot 037train depot 033

train depot 035 train depot 062train depot 069 (2)

train depot 050

train depot 073

train depot 076train depot 078train depot 102train depot 070

train depot 079

It was a great day- and I’m glad to have a dad that can teach so much!

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