Monday, February 28, 2011

Early in the Morning….

As I crawled into bed last night, exhausted from the day, I found myself excited and thinking “I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow, and spend time with my Jesus.” So here we are, on Multitude Monday- giving thanks and finding our Joy in the Lord and the gifts that we simply cannot stop counting each day.

Monday 2/21/11

175. a heart for missions

176. Brooke Fraser’s album ‘Albertine’…incredible

177. finally finishing crazy love by Francis Chan!

178. “If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy…the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.- CS Lewis

179. a day on the lake in the sun

feb 21 113

180. a three day weekend spent with my husband

181. the beauty of the heart of women who love Jesus

Tuesday 2/22/11

182. being an oncology nurse

183. being able to love on people in some of their most difficult moments

184. that chocolate ice cream can bring a smile to an emotional 82 year old with metastatic leukemia in her brain.

185. being affected and letting things I encounter each day change the way I live

Wednesday 2/23/11

186. being grateful

187. laughing

188. knowing that the Lord puts me exactly where I need to be each day

189. God’s Provision

190. being given the chance to LOVE people with all I have

191. seeing the beautiful way the Lord is transforming my heart

192. being consumed.

193. that the love of the Savior moves me to tears…and the sweetness of those moments

194. being silly with my husband

195. being reminded daily that this life is far too short and to spend it loving on people is what the Lord has called us to do

Thursday 2/24/11

196. the gift of time

197. learning patience…and to slow down

198. the preciousness of life

199. a heart that feels


201. frozen thin mint girl scout cookies

202. muddy paws

203. clean laundry

204. comfort food

205. stillness

Friday 2/25/11

206. the sun after the rain

207. birds chirping…signs of spring

208. remembering a morning in the Dominican Republic spent with my Savior


209. sleeping with a curled up pup snoring next to me…yes snoring!

210. spring breezes blowing through the house

211. the smells in the house that are so soothing

212. perfectly blue skies- I just can’t get enough of them. its like God is just smiling when they’re that pretty.

Feb 25 050

213. warm sun on my skin

214. February 25, 2011….75 degrees outside.

215. knowing that He makes all things new…Rev 21:4

216. a handmade quilt

217. having my mothers heart, my fathers passion for life

218. that I’ve been adopted into the heavenly kingdom… (Come Thirsty- Max Lucado)

219. knowing that the absolute sweetest moments in the world are simple foretastes to what eternity with Christ will be. (Come Thirsty- Max Lucado

Feb 25 033

Saturday 2/26/11

220. working with great girls

221. building relationships

222. seeing that God answers prayers an incredible way by surrounding me with women of faith- be they in Eastern NC, on a blog, at work, or in China ;)

223. He is so faithful, and feeds my spirit

224. grace

225. excitement

226. looking forward to my next early morning with Him

227. cuddling

228. celebrating my grandparents 67th wedding anniversary…..

KJP 092 copy

Sunday 2/27/11

229. Sunday

230. looking forward to multitude Mondays

231. long distance friendships that stand the test of time

232. a phone call to catch up


  1. Katie,

    Thank you for your comment on my post today. It was nice to be able to make a visit to your blog.

    You have a beautiful list...

  2. What a wonderful list! I love your photos! Laughing is the best. There is nothing like a fresh spring breeze! I love to see how God answers prayers. 67 married years... that is so precious!

  3. Hi Katie, Popping in to say hello. How wonderful to be celebrating your Grandparents sixty-seventh wedding anniversary with them. God is good... and all the time! God bless! With love and care from Kerrie. xOx

  4. Oh, #193 how I know that to be true!!!


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