Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learning to Love…

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve really had it on my heart that the Lord was going to use this year to teach me what it means to truly love well. I’ve always thought of myself as a loving person- but there is a love that is so much deeper that God is stirring in me. I long to love people well…to love my husband with every thing I have, to love my parents well, to love my patients so well that it hurts. I want to live a life reflective of the most extravagant love I’ve ever known, and let people see Christ in me in the way that I love. As John and I start the next chapter of our life, and the potential of starting a family together, I think its fitting that the Lord is teaching me about love- so that I can be a wife and mother that raises a family rooted in the love of the Father. I’ve been reading the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan for it seems like 10 years…I’ve just leisurely ready my way through, letting it sink in. It may be a week or more before I pick it up again and read more, but that’s okay- its teaching me. I am constantly affected when I read a quote by Frederick Buechner in the book…it gives such a great image of what love should look like, and how we should love…

The love for equals is a human thing- of friend for friend, brother for brother. It is to love what is loving and lovely. The world smiles.

The love for the less fortunate is a beautiful thing- the love for those who suffer, for those who are poor, the sick, the failures, the unlovely. This is compassion, and it touches the heart of the world.

The love for the more fortunate is a rare thing- to love those who succeed where we fail, to rejoice without envy with those who rejoice, the love of the poor for the rich, of the black man for the white man. The world is always bewildered by its saints.

And then there is the love for the enemy- love or the one who does not love you but mocks, threatens, and inflicts pain. The tortured’s love for the torturer.

This is Gods love. It conquers the world.

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