Monday, February 21, 2011

Multitude Monday

February 14, 2011
113. an easy day at work
114. coffee
115. a clear bone marrow biopsy
116. a patient with incredible faith
117. listening to hymns in a patient's room
118. valentines day
119. heart shaped candy
120. two women, officially in remission from their leukemia
121. a homecooked meal
122. fresh flowers and chocolate covered strawberries
123. sweet kisses
124. puppy kisses
125. surprises
126. my husband, and celebrating our 2nd valentines day
127. learning to love well

February 15, 2011
128. a long walk
129. a wagging tail
130. blue skies
131. John coming home early
132. having the windows open all day

February 16, 2011 exciting moment
134. a long nap
135. Josie, laying in the sun
136. a husband that cooks dinner for me, even when I've been off all day
137. a husband that washes my car for me while I napped

February 17, 2011
138. a patient that tells me she loves me
139. a beautiful full moon on the way to work
140. a nurse that gives me comic relief
141. a funny moment with a patient
142. going to bed early

February 18, 2011
143. a comfy bed
144. holding a patients hand
145. nurses that help me when I'm swamped
146. lindor truffles
147. easing fears, and worries as a patient cries
148. knowing I make a difference
149. peace
150. a dinner date with my husband after a really hard day
151. a beautiful night sky

February 19, 2011
152. sleeping in
153. a clean house, all the windows open
154. a 70 degree day in February
155. a drive down by the lake
156. taking pictures
157. grilling out
158. a taste of spring

February 20, 2011
158. going to church
159. being surprised, and moved to tears during the service
160. Mwangaza Children's Choir
161. the most beautiful smiling faces
162. the faces of God
163. a facebook status that led to a great talk
164. the possiblity of going to africa in july
165. a peace about it, unlike when i thought about going to India
166. a hard conversation
167. an hour long concert of from the african childrens choir
168. "My God is Mighty to Save, He is Mighty to Save"
169. growing
170. tears of joy
171. the whispers of my Father
172. the pulls at my heart
173. child sponsorship
174. Uganda
175. African Renewal Ministries.


  1. You have a beautiful heart, I love your list.

  2. Wow... what a wonderful list! So much good news. Nothing like homecooked meals. The faces of God... beautiful! Your patients are blessed to have such a sweet caretaker in you.

  3. I know it’s not Ann’s Multitude Monday anymore – it’s Thursday – but there are just a whole lot of gratitude lists to get through!

    First – my fave from your list was 171. the whispers of my Father (I love those too, the way he sometimes actually says stuff – not so much in an audible voice – but – well – you know :)

    Thank you for this – made me smile.

    God Bless you and all of yours this day.


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