Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Multitude Tuesday

I missed posting my multitude list on Monday because I was working- and lets face it, a 12 hr work day doesn't leave much room for blogging....or even thinking about blogging. But ya know, I can have a multitude Tuesday if I want to. It doesn't really matter :)

50. rest when I need it.

51. my sister. and that i have a sister to share that special sister bond with

52. taking a huge step in our marriage...unfortunately I can't elaborate :)

53. those moments during the day when i'm away from John, and I think of him...and get butterflies.

54. the mccullough family- and their incredible faith.

55. a new nikon d90

56. snuggling

57. an unexpected conversation with my sister in law

58. that i am lucky enough to have a great sister in law

59. surprising my neice by being there to pick her up from preschool with my mother in law

60. dinner with my parents

61. homemade brunswick stew- and the childhood memories that come with it.

62. an upcoming weekend getaway to spend time with my sister and tommy

63. eastern nc- it is peace to my soul

64. an unexpected peace that has come over me this week

65. a hopeful response about a job john's looking at

66. the superbowl- its just fun to watch.

67. sleeping a little later than usual (okay...10am...but i didn't feel well!)

68. a beautiful new wine rack built by my husband.

69. being silly

70. beautiful sunshiny days- i'm so ready for spring

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