Tuesday, February 8, 2011

she's heerrreeee!

thats right, she's here. all shiny and new and just waiting for me to learn how the heck to use her! after taking an interest in photography for a while now, John and I finally invested in a camera that could actually do something...more so than a point and shoot camera. so here she is...

a nikon d90....whoohooo!

and here's my model for today....

happy tuesday!


  1. Hi Katie :) I hope you a keeping well. Ooh, I love your new camera!!! I have one of those on my wish list. I love the photo of your dog... Beagles are such fun and ever so mischievous! Wishing you a pleasant Tuesday evening. (It's Wednesday morning here in Australia.) God bless. With love and care from Kerrie. xOx

  2. thanks Kerrie! You should invest- it is a great hobbie, and so fun! Josie- our beagle- is our baby- no children, but she is the center of our world. Happy Thursday- Katie


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