Thursday, February 10, 2011

words of wisdom from the today show....

Who'da thought you could get something deeper than the latest and greatest nail color from the Kathi Lee and Hoda show....

I love this morning show, and most days off its a guilty pleasure that gives me an hour of But today, I actually ended the show thinking about something that Hoda said. The discussion came up about Kim Kardashian tweeting the whole time she was pulled on stage with she wasn't truly in the moment...but rather living the moment through her cell phone.
How often does this happen in our technology obsessed world? We travel some place exotic and are too busy snapping photos to truly marvel in the place we are in. I'm guilty of this. I LOVE taking pictures. So half the time I see my vacation through a lense. But, I think its important in life to just sit and be, and take in the beauty of what is around us and the moments we are in, before they are over.

Enjoy the moment...enjoy the little things.

Today I'll be enjoying the little things from my tea, tissues, cough medicine, and the remote... and a little puppy snuggling :)

Happy Thursday!


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