Sunday, April 17, 2011

Eastern NC Storm Damage/Prayer Request

Here’s a not so small secret…I love eastern North Carolina. I love everything about it, the land is open and flat, the people are nice, and life there is just more relaxed living near the coast. My sister and her boyfriend live there, along with TONS of our close friends and family as it is where we have roots, and went to college. Please pray for the people of Eastern NC as they have been declared in a state of emergency from the storm damage yesterday. Strong thunderstorms and tornados swept across the state and unfortunately, the eastern part of the state was hit the worst.
These people are hit by hurricanes every year, so it often seems like they are in a constant state of reconstruction- however the damage from these storms is significant and scary. Thankfully, no one we know was hurt and all homes are intact, but thousands of people were not so lucky.  It is estimated that at least 70 tornadoes touched down in NC yesterday.
this is a picture of one of the tornadoes in raleigh, nc

these pictures (above and below) are of a Lowe’s home improvement store in Sanford, NC
homes demolished near Raleigh, NC

Please keep the people of Eastern North Carolina in your prayers as they rebuild their homes and communities.
Please pray that they find comfort and peace knowing God is caring for them and will be their Provision during this time.

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