Sunday, April 3, 2011

everything, everything belongs to You…

Monday 3/28/11

360. Forty-five minutes of peace in the morning while I drive to work

361. having one of the worst days at work- but knowing that God is on my side, even if I can’t always feel it.

Tuesday 3/29/11

362. a crescent moon to greet me this morning

363. reminders of His love

364. advice from two Christian nurses on how to handle difficult patients with love

365. that in the midst of a patients rage, I could tell him that I believe in a God who loves and cares for him…and that God opened that door for me.

Wednesday 3/30/11

366. waking up to a thunderstorm

367. puppy love- literally, from Josie

368. my slow cooker…and the smells it fills the house with throughout a cold rainy day.

Thursday 3/31/11

369. a fresh haircut!

370. running into a friend while in town taking care of errands

371. springtime colors…and pink!

372. the coziest blanket in the world

373. a husband that’s a gifted handy man and can fix EVERYTHING under the sun

Friday 4/1/11

374. whales off the NC coast

375. planning for John’s 27th birthday

376. that Josie holds her paws up for me to wipe the mud off when she comes in the house

377. “He who calmed the seas, does that to the soul…”-Ann Voskamp

378. worn old milk crates

379. mason jars

380. candlelight

381. a resting soul, after a week of restlessness

382. Ch 5 of A Thousand Gifts…learning how to handle the hard eucharisteo moments

383. an answered prayer….

Saturday 4/2/11

384. talking to my sister on the way home from work…

Sunday 4/3/11

385. a little reassurance…

386. worship music

387. prayer- and intimate moments with my Savior

388. communion and the reminder of how He love us so

389. grilling out on a sunny afternoon with my husband

390. afternoon naps

391. long walks


  1. I'll be was the picture with your puppy that drew me here from Ann's! What a beautiful list you have going! My daughter is a brand-new RN...the work you do is such ministry! God bless!

  2. I like how you have gifts noted for each day. I need that intentionality back in my counting! All joy to you.

  3. mason jars... candlelight... reminders of His love! He is just so good to us!


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