Saturday, April 30, 2011

fit for a princess…

Yes. I did it.

I have officially watched all recorded coverage of the Royal Wedding that one person’s DVR can hold.

It was amazing. Lets just start with the dress- which was stunning, modern yet traditional from the house of Alexander McQueen. She looked beautiful. I can’t help but feel just so excited for this girl I’ve never met.

Loved the trees in Westminster Abbey, loved watching her father walk her down the isle, loved Pippa looking fabulous and playing dedicated sister.

Loved the hats and fascinators- can we just take on that trend of England for our formal wear? (Except for the few that were  a tad Lady Gaga-esque.)

I loved that William whispered to her that she was beautiful when she reached the altar.

Loved the kisses on the balcony and how she blushed and he grinned…it was precious.

And I loved that the entire time, I remembered my own wedding, and hoped she felt as excited and as in love as we did on that day.  The one day in the world that we get a tiny smidgen of a glimpse in to feeling how a princess feels. (Minus the 1900 person guest list and estimated 2 billion worldwide viewers!)

(Friday I worked, but one of my patients is a Brit, so I could count on her to keep the tv on coverage so I could peep in and see some of the festivities…Smile)
photo by Getty Images

Okay Prince Harry…its your turn next to give us all another reason to drink mimosas, wake up at the crack of dawn, and pretend we are all princesses for the day, living vicariously through your bride!

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