Monday, April 18, 2011

Multitude Monday

Monday 4/11
417. handmade baby blankets that my mom makes and we give as gifts
418. 4 sweet patients that made my day so good
419. teaching
420. a boss that looks after me

Tuesday 4/12
421. sleeping in
422. a “stay in my pajamas all day” day
423. the sweetest picture of my friend Sarah’s new baby girl born today- Kaylyn Jane
424. the special bond I have with my dad
425. sunshine on my skin
426. windows open, rain clouds rolling in

Wednesday 4/13
427. cool morning air
428. Aldi, and cheap groceries!
429. the birth of baby Grayson today
430. a long walk
431. homemade lasagna
432. two friends, and two sweet babies born this week

Thursday 4/14
433. the way Josie stretches in the morning getting out of her cage
434. sweet pictures of baby Grayson
435. Meredith- because the girl can always make me laugh

Friday 4/15
436. knowing that the Lord cares for me better that I know and always holds my heart in his hands
437. that John sweetly deals with me when I’m an emotional mess
438. dinner together at our favorite Mexican restaurant

Saturday 4/16
439. a saturday at home together
440. that my sister, Tommy, and all of our friends are safe from the tornadoes in Eastern NC
Sunday 4/17
440. cleaning out our attic together, and finding all sorts of things from high school and college that we hadn’t seen in a while
441. walks with John around the neighborhood to just talk
442. the love of my Father, the incredible work He is doing.
443. a huge full moon peaking over the trees

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  1. I love day where I can sleep in and stay in pajamas all day. And new babies and baby pictures... So many great things. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Such a wonderful list of gifts... and what a gorgeous photo! Pajamas all day day, love those. Yay for 2 sweet new babies! So grateful to hear your family and friends were safe from the devastating storms. I love coming across things that bring back such memories. So fun! :)

  3. Wonderful list! We love "jammie days" too :)

    I have some free Easter / "He Is Risen" blog buttons if you would like one to display on your blog during Holy Week! They are on my blog and free to anyone who would like one. :-)

    Celebrating His resurrection,


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