Monday, April 25, 2011

Multitude Monday

Monday 4/18/11
444. for a back porch to sit on a read a good book on a pretty day
445. for an understanding husband
446. for a God who hears my prayers

Tuesday 4/19/11
447. for energy to make it through the day when I woke up at 2am
448. for my parents sending us dinner so we didn’t have to cook tonight

Wednesday 4/20/11
449. for a great doctors appointment- for access to good healthcare
450. running errands with my husband and enjoying an afternoon together
451. for family that cares
452. long walks around the neighborhood at night
453. my giggling niece, running around the yard like a mad woman singing and laughing with pigtails bouncing everywhere

Thursday 4/21/11
454. for uplifting blogs
455. Kona coffee, sent straight from Hawaii by a friend.

Friday 4/22/11
456. rapid response nurses that help out when a one of my patients isn’t doing well…they are every RN’s angels because they show up when things get crazy.

Saturday 4/23/11
457. for someone to pick up lunch and ice cream when we had a crazy day and barely anytime to eat
458. for doctors that work with us well
459. for EEG machines…and incredible medical technology (EEG machines read brainwaves to detect seizure activity or other brain/neuro issues)

Sunday 4/24/11
460. Living He loved me, Dying He saved me –Glorious Day by Casting Crowns, and hearing it twice on the way to work this morning
461. Easter baskets and candy from patients and their families
462. for surviving 3 extremely long, hard days at work
463. For his body broken, and blood shed….for me.
464. the He loved me enough to die for me
465. that I have a husband that cleaned the house and even cooked me my very own Easter dinner to come home to

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