Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the way He loves me...

Monday 4/4/11
391. for my sweet friend Sarah
392. for grace in days when I’m not so graceful

Tuesday 4/5/11
393. for the safety of our home during bad storms and tornadoes last night
394. for electricity, cell phones, and the weather channel
395. that no damage was done to our home
396. for John’s 27th birthday!
397. for cake from the best bakery ever…
398. dinner with my husband

Wednesday 4/6/11
399. for snapdragons and gerbera daisies
400. gardening, dirt in my fingers
401. a silly puppy that makes me laugh
402. a new book
403. live music

Thurdsay 4/7/11
404. a coworker I can trust
405. a better day at work than the past week!
406. going to bed early

Friday 4/8/11
407. hot showers
408. clean drinking water
409. the beginning of the weekend Smile

Saturday 4/9/11
410. having all of our family over to eat dinner and celebrate John’s birthday
411. a sweet moment….
412. that day by day, week by week, God is teaching me to rely on Him…that He is in the details.

Sunday 4/10/11
413. a beautiful Sunday afternoon outdoors
414. bike riding
415. snapping a few pictures
416. the beauty of spring time…and the ways the Lord loves me.


  1. Katie,

    I came by here via Ann's. It was like deja vu to me. Fully 40 years ago this could have been my web page. I was married to a wonderful man and had a beagle to complete the family. That is where the similarities end, though. As I read your page, I was awed by your wisdom at such a young age. I will stop by here again. Thanks for making my day sparkle!

    I love the picture of your pup!


  2. Sweet friends, silly puppy, the beginning of the weekend... I love so many of the things on your list. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week!

  3. Hello, Katie! Thanks for visiting my little space. I love your list: marriage, friends and birthday parties. Who doesn't love a birthday party? Your photos are beautiful!


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