Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day

I've taken a break this week from writing in my gratitude journal to just enjoy the week and some time away with family.

John and I spent the weekend in Atlanta with his parents, sister, and our neice visiting with their extended family of aunts and uncles and cousins. We haven't seen this side of the family since we got married two years ago! It was a great weekend catching up and spending time together. We even got to catch the Braves vs Reds game on Saturday night. No worries, the Braves won in 12 innings, 7-6! It was a great weekend away and so good to see family.

Today we spent memorial day on the lake, just me, John and Josie. It occurs to me every time we ride in the car just the three of us that there will soon be a carseat back there, and day trips to the lake won't be so easy and carefree once a baby is on board. BUT- it is exciting none the less to think of traveling and relaxing as a family. Josie doesn't know what she's in for this December!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

coupon frustration

Does anyone else watch that show Extreme Couponers? Let me just say...all it does is frustrate me. First off, why does one family NEED ten billion tubes of can't possibly use these in your lifetime, so why keep it. Why do you have to have 50 bottles of lysol cleaner when one bottle lasts you forever and a day in the first place (some of my cleaners have lasted well over a year...)? Never the less, I do understand the need to budget cut, to save money, to live more frugally. With a little one on the way I am more and more aware of the amount of money we spend and the fact that this December financial situation will change.

I have used coupons, and believe in using them if they give you a deal, however I have a few fundamental issues with couponing and extreme couponers. Before I start, let me say that I fully intend on  using every single diaper/formula/babyfood/etc coupon that I can get my little hands on in the near future!

1. Coupons are for brand items. And 9 times out of 10 the generic is cheaper than the coupon/brand price.

2. Half the products in the coupon ads, I never use. For example: I don't need or use twenty different make up brands, frozen foods, or cat food. Those ads do me no good because they are products I don't use. SO- my question is for those of you who coupon, are you buying things you don't really need just because you have to use that coupon?

3. I live in the country. The ONLY grocery store is Food Lion. They don't double coupon, triple coupon, or any other fancy coupon-using technique. I have to drive 30 minutes to Walgreens, Rite-Aid, Harris Teeter, Lowes, the gas money/stress/traffic/entire day trip kind of puts a damper on my personal ability to successfully coupon and get all those deals. Does anyone else live in the boonies and have this issue?

4. I do have an ALDI twenty minutes away, they do not accept coupons as they already sell discounted items, I can go there and spend 100.00, with no coupons, probably come out farther ahead had I made that previously mentioned 30 minute trip to all the other locations to save money.

5. Spending half a day researching, organzing, cutting, clipping, and internet browsing for coupons completely gives me a headache...and I go back to number 1: Most of the products are things I would never buy in the first place.

Maybe part of my issue is that I believe in shopping the perimeter of a grocery store. You know, the concept that things on the outside are fresh, not frozen, healthier, and non processed most of the time. They are also perishable most of the time, and also are never accompanied by a coupon. (For instance...there are no coupons for fruit, vegetables, or simply have to catch them on a BOGO or sale day.)

So...what are your thoughts? Does anyone else get as frustrated with the couponing process as I do? Does anyone else think its not always what its cracked up to be? How do you cut your grocery bill?

happy money saving. :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

THE post…

Well…if you read my previous post for Multitude Mondays then you probably figured it out,
John and I are going to become Daddy and Mommy to some cute little cuddly baby sometime around December 10th and we cannot wait.
I haven’t taken many pictures yet, but I will share my 9 and 11 week bump pictures. We are so so excited to be parents and to love this little boy or girl so much. All I can keep thinking about is “Christmas morning I will spend with my newborn baby…” and that is just about the most precious thing ever to me.

9 weeks….I think that little protrusion is probably more bloat than baby, but what the heck…
bald head island 2011 133

11 weeks…something’s a growing!

How in the world will I wait until December to meet this little one!? :)

Multitude Monday….err…Tuesday.

Monday 5/16
506. sleeping with the windows open
507. multitude mondays
508. seeing 2 double rainbows- one yesterday and one today

509. storms- the mightiness of our God
510. watching my niece @ her gymnastics performance
511. splitting bubblegum with her
512. candlelight when the power goes out
513. that He is in the details of my life, perfectly in control

Tuesday 5/17
514. rainy day puppy snuggles
515. hearing the sweetest heartbeat ever on the doppler today @ the doctor’s office :)
516. the excitement between John and me when we realized it was our baby’s heartbeat we were hearing
517. the way John talks to the baby at night before we go to sleep
518. that sound…that sweet sound of a fast strong heartbeat playing over and over again in my head

Wednesday 5/18
519. the joy of the Father, seeing the way He is working in our lives

Thursday 5/19
520. “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made..”- the new meaning this verse has taken on since we found out we were going to be parents
521. updates each day in my inbox to tell me what is forming on my baby each week

Friday 5/20
522. smiles from John, knowing he can’t wait to be a daddy and is so happy right now

Saturday 5/21
523. being 11 weeks pregnant today!
524. going to see my grandparents and tell them they  will be great grandparents
525. calling aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends to hear them giggle and scream in excitement
526. that B (my dad’s mom) got choked up when I told her the news
527. knowing my granddaddy Mac was smiling big from heaven today

Sunday 5/22
528. Glorious Day by Casting Crowns- singing it in church…I LOVE this song
529. fresh garden vegetables for lunch
530. seeing that John will be an amazing father in the way he is an amazing uncle to Macy.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

rainy days are for…

Let us acknowledge the LORD;
let us press on to acknowledge him.
As surely as the sun rises,
he will appear;
he will come to us like the winter rains,
like the spring rains that water the earth.
Hosea 6:3
may 019
may 026
may 033
may 024
may 037
may 040

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

a few pictures from Bald Head

Last weekend we spent on Bald Head Island celebrating our two year anniversary….and I’ve just now taken the pictures off our camera! Here’s a few from our time there…
our favorite little waterfront restaurant  and our bikes for the weekend
bald head island 2011 027              bald head island 2011 038
bald head island 2011 049
bald head island 2011 050      bald head island 2011 060
captain charlie’s –where the lighthouse keepers used to live
bald head island 2011 081
bald head island 2011 096         bald head island 2011 138
bald head island 2011 099
bald head island 2011 109

bald head island 2011 173

Monday, May 16, 2011

homemade salsa

So a few days ago I posted pictures of my growing garden...and here is a huge reason I love to plant it each year:

One of my favorite things in this world to snack on is homemade salsa. Its easy to make, fresh tasting, and healthy. Enjoy!

2 large tomatoes
1 jalapeno pepper
1/2 c onion
fresh cilantro to taste
a dash of salt, pepper, and sugar
a smidge of lemon juice
I dice everything, starting with the tomatoes. Then I de-seed the jalapenos (be careful not to touch your eyes or mouth during this part!), dice into tiny bits as well. Dice onion and cilantro as well and mix together. Then add salt, pepper, a sprinkle of sugar to cut the acidity, and a splash of lemon juice.
Taste test with the spices to give it the amount of kick you want, I like mine fairly mild, but if you want it to have a spicy punch- add a few drops of tabasco sauce.
Its all personal preference for spicy-ness.
Let it chill and all the flavors will blend perfectly!
bald head island 2011 212

multitude monday

The past few months, its been harder and harder to write my blessings each week. I've been angry and frustrated and tired. And while I know its not healthy and I needed grace and a little bit of peace, I also know that it is part of the journey and walking with Him side by side. It is building character and teaching me to find the joy in everything, to constantly be experiencing the eucharisteo no matter how ugly the world may be. This week its gotten easier, so I can only pray that I'm on the uphill from a rough couple months!

Monday 5/9
496. for getting back into the swing of things
497. for the piles of laundry, full of sand from our weekend away

Tuesday 5/10
498. knowing that no matter how frustrating my job can be, it is my calling. And God shows up every second of everyday on my unit.

Wednesday 5/11
499. for my patient in room 910, that reminds me why I went into nursing, that brings me to tears, and shows me what love looks like through the way he loves his family.

Thursday 5/12
500. for running errands with my dad- something we haven't done since I was in high school
501. an afternoon at my parents house

Friday 5/13
502. for my soul finally resting some after a couple months of unrest.

Saturday 5/14
503. that He is my Provision and Protector

Sunday 5/15
504. for John, that he understands me, and loves me regardless
505. for Sarah- calling to check on me, and being such a faithful friend even though we live on opposite sides of the state.

Friday, May 13, 2011

green thumb?

My mom and dad have instilled in me an appreciation for yardwork. I’m not sure if it started when I was learning to mow the grass to earn my gas money for the week, or maybe it was when my mom would use weed-pulling as a form of punishment, either way…its in me now! I’ve always loved lush green grass, colorful blooms, birds, and dirt in my fingers.
This is the first year that I’ve actually planted my own garden…and I can’t wait to see how it grows. I love the idea of fresh vegetables that are inexpensive and so much better than store bought. Lets hope my green thumb is extra green this year! Here’s a few shots of what I have to look forward to…

cherry tomatoes…
bald head island 2011 216
yellow squash…
bald head island 2011 217
bald head island 2011 218
fresh cilantro…one of my favorite things
bald head island 2011 219
pickling cucumbers…
bald head island 2011 220
and jalapenos! (perfect for fresh salsa…another post to come about that!)
bald head island 2011 221

What’s growing in your yard this year?

Monday, May 9, 2011

multitude monday....

I am thankful...

for sweet time away with my husband at the beach
for bike rides along the coast
for salty air, wind, and sun that soothes my soul
for the kentucky derby excitement
for a long walk on the beach
for dinner on the water
for revisiting the place where he proposed
for sunsets
for fresh strawberries from a roadside stand
that God gives me the rest I need when needed
for mothers day...and a mom that loves me so very much

Pictures to come of our weekend away :) Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I might be MIA…

You may not be hearing from me for the next week or so.
Why, you ask?
Well....two weeks after the fact, the hubster and I are finally going to celebrate our anniversary with a weekend away.
So I'll be here...
eating delicious shrimp and tuna and cucumber salad watching the sunset feeling the breeze come off the water…
oki 2010 155
climbing this lighthouse for a beautiful view
oki 2010 189
enjoying this view…
oki 2010 236
walking these boardwalks…
oki 2010 239
and soaking up some sun on this pretty little beach…
oki 2010 257

Bald Head Island, I come :)

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