Monday, May 16, 2011

multitude monday

The past few months, its been harder and harder to write my blessings each week. I've been angry and frustrated and tired. And while I know its not healthy and I needed grace and a little bit of peace, I also know that it is part of the journey and walking with Him side by side. It is building character and teaching me to find the joy in everything, to constantly be experiencing the eucharisteo no matter how ugly the world may be. This week its gotten easier, so I can only pray that I'm on the uphill from a rough couple months!

Monday 5/9
496. for getting back into the swing of things
497. for the piles of laundry, full of sand from our weekend away

Tuesday 5/10
498. knowing that no matter how frustrating my job can be, it is my calling. And God shows up every second of everyday on my unit.

Wednesday 5/11
499. for my patient in room 910, that reminds me why I went into nursing, that brings me to tears, and shows me what love looks like through the way he loves his family.

Thursday 5/12
500. for running errands with my dad- something we haven't done since I was in high school
501. an afternoon at my parents house

Friday 5/13
502. for my soul finally resting some after a couple months of unrest.

Saturday 5/14
503. that He is my Provision and Protector

Sunday 5/15
504. for John, that he understands me, and loves me regardless
505. for Sarah- calling to check on me, and being such a faithful friend even though we live on opposite sides of the state.


  1. Love your list! especially #503!

  2. loving your post and numbers 498, 499 and 502! how blessed your patients and employer are to have you. stay strong and keep counting. God has you where he needs you and He is the best employer ever!


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