Monday, June 6, 2011

picking back up

Monday 5/30
532. a beautiful memorial day spent on the lake with John and Josie
532. summer sun

Tuesday 5/31
533. for smart RN’s and MD’s that join in to help when a patient is unresponsive
534. surviving my first code situation and intubation
535. Jennifer being back at work after maternity leave!
536. friends at work to share in baby excitement

Wednesday 6/1
537. for Kelly helping me when I was swamped
538. for a boss that backs me up
539. for a husband that is strong for me when I am so weak
540. for trying to give the situation that I am currently in to God, and trying to remember that He is in control even when I can’t understand what’s going on in my life.
541. for healing tears
Thursday 6/2
542. a family that supports me so much, for my mom, dad, and sister.
543. a fresh haircut
544. daydreaming about the nursery for our little one

Friday 6/3
545. homegrown garden veggies for supper each night this week

Saturday 6/4
546. for Sarah and her sweet friendship
547. for picking myself back up…one step at a time
548. eucharisteo always precedes the miracle…
549. the ability to truly talk to John and just have him hold my hand and listen
550. for the brokenness

Sunday 6/5
551. for Cindy and her crazy ability to start IV’s on even the hardest patients
552. for a day without tears…each day gets better
553. that my strength is not my own, that He works through the weakness
554. For John, cleaning the house and cooking dinner for me this weekend
555. for a  new lily, and fresh flowers planted around the mailbox to surprise me when I got home
556. sound sleep…ready for Monday to find the beauty and keep going.

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  1. Beautiful list. Thankfulness in brokenness as he lifts us up time and time again is a tough but beautiful road. Thanks for sharing.


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