Thursday, June 30, 2011


{All day long, I pour out, filling each one of these children of mine up. I do this over and over again from sunrise to sunset, and some days, even beyond and into the night. Every mother does. This is the calling. This is the requirement of a good mother. And each one of them, blessed and cursed with various personality traits, ingrained deep through. There’s one of them that is never full.  This one needs more than I feel capable of giving some days. And while I still nurse my own old wounds of rejection, I fear all of the time that if I can’t fill him up, I am wounding.  This mother’s heart is constantly laid out; it gets stepped on and worn through. The fabric of it gets stretched and frayed and some days, like an old worn carpet, all dirt flecked and spotted with mud stains...
...He empties himself out again and again, that we might gain a heart that bursts with abundance, that we might learn to keep giving, out of what we don’t have, trusting that Abba provides.
-Kris Camealy (}

I don't yet have ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes that depend on me for its every need, but those days are not far off. Despite that, I can relate to this. I can relate to giving, and needing to be provided for.  
I can relate to the searching for something, anything, to pick me back up and help me move forward with each day. So what a sweet reminder it is that He empties himself out for me each and every day. One of my favorite verses is from Lamentations that says ...His mercies are new every morning....

What a beautiful promise.

You can read Kris' full post at by clicking this link.

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