Thursday, June 23, 2011

a thousand gifts…

Monday 6/13- Sunday 6/19
584. for the sweetest old man who I got to pick back and for with all day at work
585. my 15 week appointment on Wednesday, getting to hear that sweet heartbeat again.
589. the gift of a happy health pregnancy, and hopefully the happiest healthiest baby
15 week picture :)
590. surviving my first day as charge nurse- and not doing half bad!
591. lunch at the best BBQ restaurant with John
592. a quick cruise on the lake before the storm rolled in
593. having fun with John- the blessing of our marriage, how comfortable we are together
594. for my dad on Father’s day….the man who watched Gilligans Island with me every morning before school, took me to baseball games and let me ride home on his shoulders walking home, woke up with me at the crack of dawn for all my softball tournaments and took all my wild pitches to the shins; Who taught me, loved me, encouraged me, and coached me through life no matter how hard headed I was; who walked me down the aisle and is going to be such an amazing grandfather this December to my baby.
KJP 242

595. for the College World Series- I love college baseball
596. for the father my husband will be
597. for my heavenly Father, His love never runs out.

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