Sunday, July 31, 2011

Still Life Standout

Today I’m linking up with My Reflections of Something for the Still Life Standout photo contest. I ran across these old worn buoys hanging on a dock on Ocracoke Island, North Carolina. I love their character, and can only imagine the waters they’ve experienced.


Head over to My Reflections of Something to see the rest of the entries, or enter yourself!

Still Life Standouts

Thursday, July 28, 2011

halfway there

This week, the hubs and I are on vacation in Ocracoke Island, NC (hallelujah!). It just so happens, that the day we hit the road for the coast, also marked the halfway point in our pregnancy, 20 weeks. We are halfway there to meeting baby Landon! So I wanted to blog a little and take a look at where things are, how they've been, and the changes we've been going through (me and Landon that is, not John so much :)). This will probably be my only post while on vacation- BUT I wanted to document this milestone in our pregnancy. Vacation posts/pictures will be up once we get home and settled!

At 20 weeks-
. I feel good, my energy level has returned, but I do still enjoy extra sleep/naps/etc.

. I haven't lost my cookies in a good 3+ weeks, just incase you were wondering.

. a better appetite and no sickness, means weight gain. At this point in my pregnancy I have gained 5 pounds. (I lost three in the first trimester, but have gained those back, plus two.) Although, I won’t be surprised if its more now since I’ve been eating everything under the sun while on vacation!
. I cannot button any shorts- therefore am relying on a be-band from Target to hold those pants up so that I don't have to buy summer maternity clothes. I really like dresses though, as they're the most comfortable in this NC summer heat.
. My scrub tops no longer fit, so I wear t-shirts and scrub jackets for extra room.
. We finally moved the furniture out of Landon's room so we could start painting and buying his furniture.
. We have had our first and only ultrasound, obviously- and have our first pictures of our son, but everything looked perfect and healthy and we are so thankful for that.
. Everytime I drive my car I glance in the rear view mirror and just imagine a car seat and baby noises coming from that back seat in a few short months.
. we've started talking baby showers, and started our registry.
. nesting kicked in EARLY for me, as I am kind of OCD and organized and want this house to be spotless. So for the past 12 weeks (yep...8 weeks prego and nesting began, poor John.)...I have been one organizing, cleaning, fool!
. I sleep well, and thankfully don't have much back pain yet. Occasional twinges here and there, but nothing major. BUT, I was always a back/stomach sleeper previously…so that poses a problem.
. I have felt baby flutters for a little over a week, and they are becoming more recognizable. This week while on vacation they feel more thump like than ‘goldfish swimming in my belly’ –like. Landon likes to kick for me and then when I get John to try and feel, he stops kicking- so John is still patiently waiting to feel something!

. my most annoying pregnancy symptom currently is reflux, which always likes to show up right when I'm laying down to go to sleep.
. my fears have now gone from fear of miscarriage, to fear of preterm labor as we get farther along in this pregnancy, but know I am healthy, baby is healthy, and odds are in our favor for a healthy pregnancy.
. i have a peace though about holding my son, and am so in love with him already it hurts.
.most of our conversations include comments like “well next year we’ll be doing this with a baby,” or…”man…we couldn’t have done that if Landon was here already.”, For instance we braved the beach two days ago and it was 25mph winds…uh no, not putting my child in that. It was awful! We were off the beach in a hot minute because we were being pelted with sand.
.we have no doubt that lil miss Josie (our fur-baby) and Landon will be the bestest of friends and can’t wait to see them play together and grow up together.

So that’s the halfway point…hard to believe we are there! Here’s to the next 20-ish weeks!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the packing and planning

Twelve precious days off of work, and most of them will be spent on Ocracoke Island, NC…I am so ready.

Well sort of.

Here’s my packing list (yes I’m a list maker), sitting on the counter ready to be marked off:


This is about as far as I’ve gotten with the list….


hey- I’ve got the important stuff covered right?

Monday, July 18, 2011

multitude monday

continuing to count…what a week He has given!

Monday 7/11- Sunday 7/17
650. for a day off together to run errands, eat lunch and get things done
651. nerves and butterflies on the way to the baby doctor
652. that tiny heart beating so strong on the ultrasound screen
653. tiny legs and arms squirming
654. our growing, healthy, perfect baby boy
655. tears…our first sight of our child
656. the intimacy of that moment, finding out we will be parents to a son
657. registering fun at babysrus
658. date night dinner, celebrating our family
659. sharing the news with our whole family
660. picking out fabric for a sweet baby’s nursery
661. a fresh haircut
662. a break from the heat- two cloudy mid 70 degree days
663. the sweetest card in the mail
664. shorts that fit
665. celebrating my mother in laws birthday
666. 45 min extra sleep after a long night of tossing and turning
667. that John and I continually grow together, figuring out this thing called marriage
668. conversations about parenthood
669. starting to work on Landon’s nursery
670. baby kicks
671. riding home with the windows down
672. how certain smells bring back certain memories so strong…and bring a smile along with it.
673. chocolate chip cookies
674. the first few ripe grape tomatoes out of my garden

God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him,
though he is not far from any one of us.
‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’
As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.’
Acts 17:28

Friday, July 15, 2011

sweet friendship

You may or may not remember a few months ago...okay actually back in like February, I posted about my friend Sarah expecting a little girl. Sarah and Aaron are sweet friends of ours that live unfortunately, on the opposite side of the state in New Bern, NC.

Sarah and I met in college while suffering through the hours of endless studying and class and clinicals in nursing school. We quickly found we had similar views on life, similar personalities, and our friendship grew. After graduation, we both moved away but we have always kept in touch and made the effort to see each other a few times a year. Our stories are similar, beyond nursing school. Her and Aaron were married in March of 2009, and John and I in April 2009. In fact, in April of 2010 we went on a cruise to the Bahamas with them to celebrate everyone’s first anniversary.Each fall we see them as we cheer on East Carolina at football games, as both of our husbands are football-crazy and we both get season tickets.
In March, Sarah and Aaron welcomed Kaylyn into their family, and we finally got to meet her this past weekend! Let me just say, that I have grown to truly love and appreciate Sarah’s friendship in my life. She has been a constant for me despite the distance and time. We’ve managed to keep in touch and support each other in some major milestones in our lives. We had an great time seeing them this weekend and were so glad to meet their sweet little girl!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

baby update!!!!

We have had a whirlwind of a week, so I apologize for my absence. Saturday morning we woke up early, early, early, and drove to New Bern, NC to see our sweet friends Sarah and Aaron and their new baby girl Kaylyn (pictures/post to come about our fun time there!). It was wonderful to see them, even if it was for just a quick overnight trip.

We had to make it back this way for Monday. Perhaps one of the biggest days in our life. Monday afternoon around 4pm, we went to our 4th baby doctor appointment and had our very first ultrasound! It was incredible. I cannot say enough about how cool I think it is that we have the technology to see that an 18 week old baby has all his organs, all in the correct place, all the correct size, growing and healthy. It is SUCH a miracle that the Lord uses a woman’s body to form life and it is SUCH  a gift that I get to carry my child for 9 months.

The good news is that our baby is doing great! The brain, kidneys, heart, limbs, stomach, and all its other organs looked great. I loved getting to see the little hands stretch and move and it gave me butterflies all over knowing I’d get to hold this little one this winter.

The great news….IT’S A BOY!
We are thrilled beyond belief to say that we are going to be parents to a little boy. We would have been happy either way, as long as it was healthy. But I know that John, and our dads secretly wanted a little boy to romp around with. We can’t wait to meet Landon. John cannot wait to watch football with him and teach him to fish and do all those boy things boys do together. I, on the other hand, look forward to making him a COMPLETE mama’s boy.

our first picture of Landon. it was taken by my iphone so its AWFUL, but you can see that sweet little nose! :) I think he looks like his mama!

Monday, July 11, 2011

multitude monday

637. sunshine and lake water
638. Josie in her lifejacket
639. a growing bump
640. a weekend away in new bern
641. my friendship with Sarah, that it stands the test of distance and time
642. meeting sweet baby Kaylyn for the first time
643. dinner at The Chelsea in New Bern
644. …followed by this wonderful dessert :)
645. road trips with John
646. being married to my best friend
647. anticipating the baby doctor appt this on 7/11 and finding out if we are having a boy or girl
648. for being 18 weeks….each week is such a miracle
649. baby excitement, this precious time in our marriage and how God is growing us…

Friday, July 8, 2011

to the moon and back

Side note: I wrote this post last night prior to this happening. I hope you guys got to watch the launch. I was able to see just a few minutes and was able to actually catch its lift off. Such an incredible moment in history...I'm so sad its over and so sad I couldn't be there. But was thrilled to watch it on tv!

When I was in 5th grade, my mom and sister went on a mission trip to Charleston, SC. I was too young to go, and so my dad decided we would take our own trip. At the time I had two interests and two career options in mind (…funny that I didn’t take either path that I was so determined to take at the age of 9. So what were they? Well first, I loved dolphins and thought it would be the coolest thing ever to be a trainer at Seaworld or a marine biologist. Second, I wanted to work for NASA as an engineer. So where did we go? FLORIDA! My dad drove me the 10 hours to Orlando, where we spent a full week exploring Sea World and NASA…the best of both worlds. We stayed in Cocoa Beach, enjoyed the sand and sun, and then took day trips to each location to see the sights. I remember loving the dolphins and whales at Sea World. And at the time they were just starting the space station at NASA so we got to see the building where they were constructing those modules that would house the astronauts. My favorite part was getting to see a rocket lauch (not shuttle) from Jetty Park.

When I heard that the last shuttle launch was scheduled, my dad and I fully intended to drag our spouses with us to Florida to see the last ever launch. We booked the hotel rooms, flipped around work schedules…and then were heartbroken. It was originally supposed to be June 28, but was postponed to July 8. Tomorrow.

I wish I could watch the launch in person, or even on TV but I’ll be at work. So I’ll settle for a DVR version. But I will say I’m sad that this is the last launch, that the era of watching shuttle launches is ending, and that my kids will never get that opportunity. I’ll never get to share that moment with my dad or take my kids to see a launch like he did for me. It was probably one of the best trips I’ve ever been on, and so special to spend a week with my dad. Tomorrow will be a great moment in our country’s history, so for those of you who have tomorrow off…be sure to watch the launch!!
Click the Link above for coverage from NASA.
Space shuttle Atlantis ready for its journey. Photo courtesy of

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jesus Calling

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of this book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, but if you haven't gotten it you need to. Its a quick, daily devotional written as if Jesus Himself is speaking to you. And it definitely hits home more when my heart and mind hear the words written like that. I'm lucky enough that our church is giving out copies for free (my favorite way to inherit a new book)! I've just started reading it this week...but I love the way its written. This is yesterday's devotional...I just thought I'd share.

I am your Father-God. Listen to Me! Learn what it means to be a  child of the everlasting King. Your richest duty is devotion to Me. This duty is such a joyous privilege that it feels like a luxury. You tent to feel guilty about pushing back the boundaries of your life to make space for time alone with Me. The world is waiting to squeeze you into its mold and to crowd out time devoted to Me. The ways of the world have also warped your conscience, which punishes you for doing the very thing that pleases Me most: seeking My Face. Listen to Me above the clamor of voices trying to distract you. Ask My Spirit to control your mind, for He and I work in perfect harmony. Be still and attentive in My Presence. You are on holy ground...

-Sarah Young

Monday, July 4, 2011

multitude monday

Monday 6/27- Sunday 6/3

614. for sleeping in
615. sitting on the front porch watching a storm in the distance
616. a quick walk with Josie
617. the college world series (I know I already listed this last week…but I have an intense love for college baseball :) )
618. homemade blackberry dumplings
619. lunch with John
620. for water to drink on these hot 100 degree days
621. lantana and hanging baskets
622. the smell of honeysuckle in the air
623. olive garden for lunch at work
624. the beginnings of a legitimate bump! I’ll take a picture at some point…
625. baby flutters…faint but there!
626. for a three day weekend with John
627. for summertime minor league baseball game
628. fireworks after the baseball game
629. yummy sweet tea
630. learning to give God control of my whole life, not just parts
631. looking at paint colors for our baby’s nursery
632. cooking out with my parents on Sunday
633. homemade peach ice cream
634. watching fireworks (again!) from my dad’s jeep
635. summer nights…how they always make you feel young no matter what your age
636. that the Lord provides for my soul, always…

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