Thursday, July 14, 2011

baby update!!!!

We have had a whirlwind of a week, so I apologize for my absence. Saturday morning we woke up early, early, early, and drove to New Bern, NC to see our sweet friends Sarah and Aaron and their new baby girl Kaylyn (pictures/post to come about our fun time there!). It was wonderful to see them, even if it was for just a quick overnight trip.

We had to make it back this way for Monday. Perhaps one of the biggest days in our life. Monday afternoon around 4pm, we went to our 4th baby doctor appointment and had our very first ultrasound! It was incredible. I cannot say enough about how cool I think it is that we have the technology to see that an 18 week old baby has all his organs, all in the correct place, all the correct size, growing and healthy. It is SUCH a miracle that the Lord uses a woman’s body to form life and it is SUCH  a gift that I get to carry my child for 9 months.

The good news is that our baby is doing great! The brain, kidneys, heart, limbs, stomach, and all its other organs looked great. I loved getting to see the little hands stretch and move and it gave me butterflies all over knowing I’d get to hold this little one this winter.

The great news….IT’S A BOY!
We are thrilled beyond belief to say that we are going to be parents to a little boy. We would have been happy either way, as long as it was healthy. But I know that John, and our dads secretly wanted a little boy to romp around with. We can’t wait to meet Landon. John cannot wait to watch football with him and teach him to fish and do all those boy things boys do together. I, on the other hand, look forward to making him a COMPLETE mama’s boy.

our first picture of Landon. it was taken by my iphone so its AWFUL, but you can see that sweet little nose! :) I think he looks like his mama!


  1. YAY!!!!!!!! Little boys are GREAT!!

  2. yay a boy! That's awesome! Landon is a GREAT name I love it. Congrats!


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