Thursday, July 28, 2011

halfway there

This week, the hubs and I are on vacation in Ocracoke Island, NC (hallelujah!). It just so happens, that the day we hit the road for the coast, also marked the halfway point in our pregnancy, 20 weeks. We are halfway there to meeting baby Landon! So I wanted to blog a little and take a look at where things are, how they've been, and the changes we've been going through (me and Landon that is, not John so much :)). This will probably be my only post while on vacation- BUT I wanted to document this milestone in our pregnancy. Vacation posts/pictures will be up once we get home and settled!

At 20 weeks-
. I feel good, my energy level has returned, but I do still enjoy extra sleep/naps/etc.

. I haven't lost my cookies in a good 3+ weeks, just incase you were wondering.

. a better appetite and no sickness, means weight gain. At this point in my pregnancy I have gained 5 pounds. (I lost three in the first trimester, but have gained those back, plus two.) Although, I won’t be surprised if its more now since I’ve been eating everything under the sun while on vacation!
. I cannot button any shorts- therefore am relying on a be-band from Target to hold those pants up so that I don't have to buy summer maternity clothes. I really like dresses though, as they're the most comfortable in this NC summer heat.
. My scrub tops no longer fit, so I wear t-shirts and scrub jackets for extra room.
. We finally moved the furniture out of Landon's room so we could start painting and buying his furniture.
. We have had our first and only ultrasound, obviously- and have our first pictures of our son, but everything looked perfect and healthy and we are so thankful for that.
. Everytime I drive my car I glance in the rear view mirror and just imagine a car seat and baby noises coming from that back seat in a few short months.
. we've started talking baby showers, and started our registry.
. nesting kicked in EARLY for me, as I am kind of OCD and organized and want this house to be spotless. So for the past 12 weeks (yep...8 weeks prego and nesting began, poor John.)...I have been one organizing, cleaning, fool!
. I sleep well, and thankfully don't have much back pain yet. Occasional twinges here and there, but nothing major. BUT, I was always a back/stomach sleeper previously…so that poses a problem.
. I have felt baby flutters for a little over a week, and they are becoming more recognizable. This week while on vacation they feel more thump like than ‘goldfish swimming in my belly’ –like. Landon likes to kick for me and then when I get John to try and feel, he stops kicking- so John is still patiently waiting to feel something!

. my most annoying pregnancy symptom currently is reflux, which always likes to show up right when I'm laying down to go to sleep.
. my fears have now gone from fear of miscarriage, to fear of preterm labor as we get farther along in this pregnancy, but know I am healthy, baby is healthy, and odds are in our favor for a healthy pregnancy.
. i have a peace though about holding my son, and am so in love with him already it hurts.
.most of our conversations include comments like “well next year we’ll be doing this with a baby,” or…”man…we couldn’t have done that if Landon was here already.”, For instance we braved the beach two days ago and it was 25mph winds…uh no, not putting my child in that. It was awful! We were off the beach in a hot minute because we were being pelted with sand.
.we have no doubt that lil miss Josie (our fur-baby) and Landon will be the bestest of friends and can’t wait to see them play together and grow up together.

So that’s the halfway point…hard to believe we are there! Here’s to the next 20-ish weeks!


  1. Happy Halfway Point! you look so cute by the way! and I like the new header wink;)

  2. Thanks Ashley! It has flown by so far...I have a hard time believing it! Hope you and Adam are doing well :)

  3. You look so cute! How exciting! My pregnancy was not an easy one, but I still fondly remember those kicks. If your hubby is like mine he will be addicted to holding your belly once you can feel the kicks from the outside! :)


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