Monday, July 4, 2011

multitude monday

Monday 6/27- Sunday 6/3

614. for sleeping in
615. sitting on the front porch watching a storm in the distance
616. a quick walk with Josie
617. the college world series (I know I already listed this last week…but I have an intense love for college baseball :) )
618. homemade blackberry dumplings
619. lunch with John
620. for water to drink on these hot 100 degree days
621. lantana and hanging baskets
622. the smell of honeysuckle in the air
623. olive garden for lunch at work
624. the beginnings of a legitimate bump! I’ll take a picture at some point…
625. baby flutters…faint but there!
626. for a three day weekend with John
627. for summertime minor league baseball game
628. fireworks after the baseball game
629. yummy sweet tea
630. learning to give God control of my whole life, not just parts
631. looking at paint colors for our baby’s nursery
632. cooking out with my parents on Sunday
633. homemade peach ice cream
634. watching fireworks (again!) from my dad’s jeep
635. summer nights…how they always make you feel young no matter what your age
636. that the Lord provides for my soul, always…

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