Friday, August 26, 2011

friday favorite and a little irene update

Today I'm sharing the absolute highlight of my week....we FINALLY got Landon's crib, and put it together! I love walking up the stairs and peering into that room and seeing a crib. I catch myself smiling everytime I pass it. The picture is a little grainy, it was taken on my iphone with instagram (which I am a newbie at, but LOVE...).

Isn't it pretty?! Now if I can just get my mom and mom-in-law working on that bedding! Hopefully this baby will have a place to sleep sometime before December 10th! :)

On another note...I know I posted yesterday at about Hurricane Irene, so I wanted to update you on the status of the storm and my family/friends at the coast. Most of them have moved inland, secured their boats and homes and left for "higher ground." The first clouds and showers are hitting the coast this morning, with more expected tonight and through tomorrow. Here is the risk that is run ANYTIME a storm comes near Greenville, NC (where my sister lives):
 The Tar River runs right near the campus, and the entire town and most of the eastern part of the state are extremely prone to flooding. I mean, even when there's a large storm or tropical storm it floods, and roads close, and homes are damaged. So for a Cat 2/3 storm to come through...they are looking at some major flooding.  Keep in mind this is the home of a major university with 35,000 students that all live right near the river so classes, and student housing will be affected on top of the residents living there.

I spoke with my sister this morning and she said that they are prepared to ride it out, they've stocked up on supplies and the grocery stores are madhouses right now. Her boyfriend, who lives in Swansboro, is leaving today and coming farther in land since he lives just a block or two off the beach.

Say a prayer and keep the coast in your thoughts this weekend as they prepare for Irene to hit hard! :)

Happy Friday!

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  1. I hope this whole thing just blows over - be safe okay!


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