Friday, August 19, 2011

friday favorite

Hey sweet bloggy friends. Today's FRIIIDAY and I hope you all are having a fabulous one so far. I am catching up on rest and sleep and doing absolutely nothing around the house today. These 12 hour shifts are starting to wear a preggo out, so my days off I have to recover. This morning I watched Kathi Lee and Hoda on the Today show, as I normally do. These ladies always crack me up, however today they made me just about CRY. Thats right, make a preggo cry...not so hard to do.

Hoda was talking about how she was able to be a part of Martina McBride's new music video "I'm Gonna Love You Through It," a song for cancer support. I haven't heard this song until this morning, and it is amazing. You all know I'm an oncology nurse- and I fully believe I take care of the strongest, most courageous patients in the world. Most of my patients are leukemia or lymphoma diagnosis, but I do take care of every other type as well. It is hard to watch them go through the toughest battle in their life, but so rewarding to be there with them and their families as well. I am so glad Martina (who I love), did a song to honor the survivors, and those battling cancer right now and LOVE this song. Here's the video, check it out, and love those around you, because life is so so precious.

Life is short but sweet for certain. -Dave Matthews Band

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