Monday, August 1, 2011

multitude monday

I’m doubling up this week since last week I never posted my list, so forgive me if this one seems long! Hope you all have had a blessed week!

Monday 7/18-7/31
675. an empty room waiting to be prepared for baby Landon
676. red, ripe grape tomatoes and ranch dressing dip
677. time- no where to go, be or anything to do.
678. water on these hot summer days
679. cookie cake @ work celebrating my extern’s last day working with me
680. sweet patients to laugh and talk with throughout two days at work
681. getting to see the sweetest couple, and some of my favorite patients before I left work today
682. watching the strength of marriage in the couples as one battles leukemia and the other stands by their side
683. chick fil a for dinner
684. a safe landing for the last shuttle ever
685. our space program- the magnitude of what it has accomplished for this country
686. fresh picked peaches sent with love from South Carolina
687. the day of small things
688. 8 hours of traveling with my husband
690. driving NC 12 South and seeing water on both sides of us.
691. a ferry ride, the final leg to getting there.
692. salty air on my skin
693. lunch at one of our favorite places
694. the halfway mark- 20 weeks pregnant
695. traveling with my husband, realizing that next summer all this will include a baby!
696. a cute 1 bedroom cottage
697. a perfect lighthouse view
698. sleeping in. no agenda for the day.
699. a tent at the beach for shade on a hot sunny day
700. looking down the beach and being the only ones in sight
701. crashing waves, salty air, and ocean breezes…feeling the closeness of God
702. an evening stroll
703. finishing the book Water for Elephants (great book for those of you who haven’t read it)
704. being greeted by the light of a lighthouse each evening on our porch
705. a rainy day at the beach, a break from the heat
706. flying by the seat of our pants.
707. a cool shower to rinse off all the sand
708. ice cream for dessert
709. conversations that include what life will be like with Landon.
710. the lighthouses of NC
711. waves crashing at my toes
712. fishing in the sound, watching the sun drop
713. photography, the challenge of seeing the world more intimately
714. waking up to see the sunrise
715. the way I feel and see God closer when I’m at the coast, taking time to breath it in.
716. the beauty He has placed in this world for us to witness
717. finally coming home, seeing our puppy after a long week away from her!
718. the comforts of home, your own space.


  1. Stopping by from Ann's - your time away sounds lovely. And chick-fil-a = best chicken nuggets ever. :)

  2. Visiting from Ann's! My husband and I love to travel also, esp to the coast so...#715 rings true to me too., love! Best wishes to you on your bundle of joy to come :-)

    Have a great week!


  3. Hi! I too am stopping by from Ann's. Thanks for sharing your list. I also live next to the beachso a big Amen to " crashing waves, salty air, and ocean breezes…feeling the closeness of God"

    God bless!


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