Monday, August 8, 2011

multitude monday

continuing to count…

743. for an easy transition back into working mode after being away.
744. for a new group of resident MD’s that are really good to work with
745. a rain soaked yard
746. some quality time with my Savior
746. a cool rainy day, perfect for cozy puppy snuggling and napping
747. 5 gallons of paint for free, SUCH  a blessing.
478. painting Landon’s room with John our first steps to making this house baby ready!
479. that He is faithful, that He provides happiness in weak moments
480. for continuing to hope in His plan for us. That at some point He will direct us and allow us to settle somewhere and make somewhere home. (we currently rent and both commute an hour in opposite directions…its amazing. not.)
481. that a little touch up paint goes a long way to making this rent house a little nicer
482. finding the perfect decorations for Landon’s room
483. knowing that in 4 short months I will have my baby in my arms, and all these crazy worries I have won’t really matter
484. for my Father. That even in my weakest times, I can trust that He is still working at something far bigger than I planned.

Happy Monday!

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