Tuesday, August 16, 2011

..multitude monday..

August 8- August 14

743. my dad's 55th birthday- I am so blessed to call him dad and so thankful for all that he has instilled in me over the years.
744. a good OB visit, hearing that strong heartbeat that I love so much
745. for gaining weight (whoever thought they'd put THAT on a list?!)...because it means a growing baby boy.
746. evening walks around the neighborhood on nights that are a little bit cooler.
747. being called off of work, the blessing of getting to stay home one afternooon
748. two good days at work, being charge nurse and surviving!
749. for growing as a nurse, building confidence, strength and character
750. a weekend at home
751. going out to dinner for my dad's birthday (a few days after the fact)
752. seeing my parents excitement about Landon and being grandparents
753. church, peace for my soul.
754. a beautiful Sunday afternooon, grilling out, cooler weather, and naps.
755. the first teases of fall creeping into the weather (even if it is only a tease it is so nice!!)
756. that He brings peace to my spirit when needed, and reminds me again to just be still, and breath Him in.

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