Monday, August 29, 2011

multitude monday

Good Monday Morning! I was slack last week and didn't post my list, so this is a double up post to get me back on track. I'll also be hopefully posting today sometime about Hurricane Irene and her aftermath, and some photos of the East that have been sent to me by friends and family. Thank goodness she is Gone!


754. a perfect moment...feeling free.
755. maxi dresses during pregnancy- ohhh they are heaven, comfy and they cover my chubby little feet!
756. a late blooming hydrangea

757. ordering Landon's crib- being blessed to have my mother in law pay for it for us.
758. a friendship hopefully mending
759. for triage RN's to call in the middle of the night
760. that the belly pain I had in the middle of the night went away and was not concerning.
761. for a family reunion- meeting part of John's extended family for the first time
762. for things getting easier on my heart....
763. a restful weekend
764. good sleep after a night of tossing and turning

765. for growing.
766. 3 days off to give this pregnant body some rest
767. for that sweet crib finally in Landon's room

768. for my sister in law- and finding out she is also having a baby boy.
769. that I am human- but Grace thankfully saves me from my ugliness.
770. for a quiet weekend at work
771. that my mom and mother in law can both sew!
772. chinese take out
773. patients that remain optimistic despite the bad news they continually get- I wish I had that trait in me and would learn from them.
774. for the 76year old man that still works everyday of his life and is fighting gastric cancer.
775. for God speaking.
776. for a wedding to sister is ENGAGED!!! :)
777. that everyone was safe during Irene and my sister's home didn't flood.

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