Wednesday, August 24, 2011

weather girl wednesday

What a week, and its only WEDNESDAY! I don't have much to say today except to say that prayers are needed for our beloved Outer Banks, NC. For those of you tracking Hurricane Irene, she's headed straight for our beautiful coastline and expected to strengthen to a catagory four hurricane. Ocracoke, where John and I spent our vacation just a few weeks ago, is already  being evacuated as the island is only accessable by ferry or private boat. Please send up a prayer for those living on the Outer Banks and Eastern North Carolina that damage will be minimal and that all will be safe during the impending storm this weekend. My sister, tons of friends, and family live in that part of the state and so we are all thinking of them and hoping they are getting out of Irene's path, ASAP!

In the mean time, Becky, my sister, has taken it upon her to become a local weather girl (not seriously), and sends me updates daily on the happenings in the eastern part of the is her message sent this morning.

"I'm tracking Irene but its too early for my forecast to be any-kind of accurate. Although, I will say, they have asked that we wrap our computers and cpu's in trash bags when we leave work on Friday. To be determined :)"

I find this hysterical. I had no idea trash bags were hurricane proof!

Second weather update- who else felt that earthquake yesterday?! A 5.9 hit in Virginia and was definitly felt in this part of the state. From the 9th floor of the hospital, I can tell you I was nervous!

Happy weather tracking.

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