Monday, September 19, 2011

multitude monday

I’m getting back into the swing of things after taking a couple weeks downtime from blogging, starting with multitude Mondays.
778. for wedding planning excitement for my sister and Tommy
779. for finally drinking coffee again since being pregnant (even if it is decaf, it is YUMMY!)
780. for football, tailgating, and togetherness
781. for a surprise cake for the engaged couple
782. a tent to have a little bit of shade on a hot hot Saturday afternoon
783. for ECU, the memories, relationships, and special place it has for my husband and me
784. for the cutest ECU booties ever
785. for coding my first patient ever in 2.5 years of nursing, no I am not thankful for this, but  I was so aware of God’s presence in that room, and so aware of how in control He is of our each and every breath and heartbeat. For that, I am thankful.
786. the first dose of fall weather, temps in the 50s-60s, and being able to wear a sweater!
787. a day of snuggling with josie
788. a pumpkin spice candle

789. pumpkin muffins (my favorite!) from a coworker
790. for candles and coziness and blankets
791. sleeping with the windows open
792. going to bed early
793. helping my parents put together their crib for their house
794. the 3rd trimester…I cannot wait to meet this little boy!

Friday, September 16, 2011

I’m a slacker.

It hit me this month. That “I have nothing to post about,” “I have no cool pictures I’ve taken,” “I’m gonna neglect my blog” slump.
And so that is what I’ve done.
I apologize.
Hopefully in the near future I’ll have some inspiration and get back into the swing of things. So today, I’m posting about our baby room and the progress we’ve made getting it ready for Landon to arrive this winter.  I’ve gotten a lot done this week. Our bedding was made by my mom and John’s mom, curtains are hung, and there is finally some d├ęcor on the wall, wahoo! We are still working on recovering a rocking chair, and framing the art for the room, and then come the baby showers…..and all that jazz. :)
DSC_0012 (3)
classic dog-in-crib picture. she was so excited. not.
the crib!
DSC_0020 (2)
The bumpers are seersucker blue fabric with navy ties made by my mom. And the crib skirt is solid navy made by my mother in law.
decorations above the changing table/dresser, I finally went with a vintage sports theme.
the full effect…I just need to get the changing pad to put on top of that dresser, and a basket to put diapers and wipes in.
I can’t get enough of these sweet booties my sister gave us…I’m in love with them. We also had some burp cloths embroidered by a friend- so sweet!
landon scoreboard
This is the print we had enlarged that we’ll frame and put on a different wall….we haven’t gotten there yet though, hopefully it will be up this weekend.

There’s still quite a bit to do to get the room finished- but it’s coming along slowly but surely!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

26 weeks..

This week marks 26 weeks into our pregnancy! I have heard a lot of moms say that the 2nd trimester creeps by, but it has been complete opposite in my opinion. I cannot believe we are heading into the 3rd trimester already. At 26 weeks

I have gained a whopping 15 pounds (I knew my appetite had increased!).
I have been feeling the little guy kick around for probably 4 weeks now...and let me tell you, he's an active one!
We have both the crib and dresser in the nursery, and both grandmothers are feverishly working on the bedding for the crib.
I purchased my first pair of maternity jeans, up until this point I've lived in dresses, but figured I'd need a pair to get through the next few months of cooler weather. (Side note: I found my jeans at Once Upon a Child for 10.00...wahooo!).
Shower invites are going out this week.
I still sleep pretty well, but find it harder to turn my brain off from thinking about our "to-do" list over the next couple months.
No weird cravings...just an increased appetite for pretty much everything under the sun.
Our 3d/4d Ultrasound, Lamaze class, and breastfeeding class are all scheduled and coming up very soon.
We're counting down the days until we meet our Landon!

Friday, September 2, 2011

going to the chapel

Not me obviously….been there, done that.

BUT, my big sister got ENGAGED this past Friday!! Her and her now fiance Tommy have been dating a few years, and we knew that at some point we would be calling him a part of our family. We are all just so excited that we can finally do that! Tommy had all these plans to propose to Becky on the beach down near his house, however for those of you who remember, it was a little rainy, a little windy, and due to Irene his plans weren’t going to happen. So he packed his bags and headed to her apartment in Greenville where they were planning on riding out the hurricane farther inland. According to Becky, when Tommy got into town he had made her an official “Hurricane Survival Basket.” I wish I knew what all was in it, or what it looked like, but I imagine there was some bottled water, a flashlight, batteries, and other necessities to get through a few days without power. Tommy told Becky that something wouldn’t fit in the basket so he had to leave it out, which of course got my sister curious. And right then and there he popped down on one knee and proposed! And then they spent the next 3 days riding out Irene with no power! It cracks me up they got engaged during a hurricane. As my sister says, well, it’s a good thing, lets hope if we can weather Irene, we can weather anything together. AWWWWWWW…. :)

We are SO excited for you two and LOVE you so so much!
Let the wedding planning begin!!!!

Here’s a few pics of the happy couple that I took last Spring on a visit down to Greenville….

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