Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favorite...

Last Sunday we had our first baby shower, hosted by my sweet sister. My mom and her worked so hard and everything was so nice- we certainly were "showered" with lots of fun baby stuff and love! I didn't take any pictures myself because its kind of awkward to be the guest of honor and carry around a camera, but hopefully my dad and some of our friends and family will send us some pictures of the occasion that I can share soon. For now, I have a picture of our yummy cake that was made by my dad's longtime coworker. Dolores has worked for my dad for over 10 years, and makes the most beautiful cakes on the side. She made our wedding cake, and I was beyond excited to see what she would come up with for our baby shower when I found out she'd be making it!

I love that it was ECU- John especially loved it since I dragged him to the shower and he had to 'suffer' through two plus hours of women and baby crazyness! He's such a trooper.

Thank you to Dolores for such a beautiful cake and for all the hard work you did!


  1. That is the cutest cake!!!! Such a great idea. I am pinning it for sure!

  2. How cute is that?! Was just thinking about you today! For some reason your blog has not been showing up in my reader even though it says I follow... hmmmm... I will have to go old school and bookmark it I guess, haha How are you feeling? I will have to go back and catch up on past posts tomorrow! :)


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