Monday, October 10, 2011

multitude monday

I’ve been out of the groove for the past few weeks of posting regularly, especially for multitude mondays- so this list compiles things I’ve jotted down over the past three-ish weeks.

778. for nursery progress
779. the family bassinette
780. seeing Landon in our 3D ultrasound
781. Those sweet baby cheeks and nose
782. cinnamon streusel muffins and orange juice
783. sleeping with the windows open
784. waking up to a downpour outside
785. crisp fall air
786. for unexpected conversation
787. our ECU family
788. maternity jeans
789. waking up in my own bed after a weekend where nothing really seemed to go right
790. seeing friends we haven’t seen in nearly a year
791. for John trying to plan a day for me, even if it didn’t work out it was a sweet gesture that he wanted to do something so sweet
792. the comfort of your own home
793. for learning to trust in Him all over again
794. that He closes doors, and leaning on the fact that He is perfectly in control of it all
795. homemade pumpkin muffins
796. date night at the fair
797. josie snuggles….her life is about to change majorly in just a short time!
798. scarves and cozy sweaters
799. fresh flowers from the farmers market
800. mums
801. the colors of fall- the beauty of the outdoors this time of year
802. for my patient in 915, who even without a voice was able to communicate with me and completely touch my heart on a tough day. reminding me why I went into nursing.
803. for Mr H. a man with more courage than I could ever imagine, who is now in a better place with no more suffering.

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  1. Loved your list! I'm in love with the name Landon as well!
    Stopping by from Ann's today!


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