Tuesday, October 18, 2011

multitude monday

I know you girls aren't surprised that I am posting this on Tuesday, I apologize for being a day late- but here we go :)

804. for road trips to the mountains
805. the mountains, and all the times God has spoken to me through them
806. the memories I have from Young Life, and Discipleship Focus
807. the Blue Ridge Parkway
808. crisp mountain air
809. a happy puppy, wagging tail
810. a day just with John, just for us
811. that I realize everyday, more and more, that I married my best friend, and how deep that love is
812. mountain apples
813. homemade apple butter and blackberry jam
814. taking maternity pictures
815. wide open cotton fields
816. muddy paws and how pitiful Josie looks when she comes to the backdoor all dirty, needing a bath
817. an evening walk
818. for growing...not just physically these days, but as a person, and woman.
819. the sweet little man with dementia in room 905 that would just grin at me when I came into the room.
820. for all my sweet husband does for me
821. for hitting 32 weeks...only 8 more until I meet my precious little boy!
822. the miracle of pregnancy- each day amazes me that my child is within me growing strong

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  1. I found you through A Holy Experience... First, congrats on your pregnancy! :) Second, I am loving your gift list! I just started mine, so I've only posted 1-14. My favorite one is 819. <3



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