Monday, December 12, 2011

its been a while...

Well, I'm pretty sure that I get the slack blogger of 2011 award this year. Its been over a month since I've posted, and that's for multiple reasons. Towards the end of my pregnancy I really just started to take a step back from the blogger world and focus on what was going on in my little family and life. Between showers, work, the holidays, and nearing the end of the pregnancy- I focused myself elsewhere, preparing myself for the change about to come.

BUT, I wanted to post a small update for those of you who still manage to follow me or have wondered if I fell off the face of the planet.

Today I am 40 weeks 2 days pregnant...and NO baby to show for it! We are hanging in there just waiting on our little guy to arrive whenever he is ready. I still feel pretty good, and am still working 12 hr shifts at the hospital like a crazy person. I was hoping that the full moon and lunar eclipse on December 10th (my due date) would get this baby moving, but he is being stubborn already! We can blame that on him being like his father already, right? :)

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we near the end of this pregnancy. Pray for a safe, and good labor and delivery, and healthy baby boy at the end to show for it. Pray for the transition into mommy and daddy-hood, pray for the grandparents that their over-excitement doesn't drive me up a wall, and pray that this little boy knows he is so very special.

It is so sweet to have a baby boy at Christmas, I can only imagine what Mary felt like holding her sweet little boy on Christmas day knowing she was looking at the face of God.

Happy Holidays! And hopefully it won't be a month before you hear from me again!

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