Monday, January 16, 2012

daily dose of cute-ness

Little man is finally beginning to enjoy bathtime! Okay, maybe enjoy is not the word, but he isn't screaming quite as loud. This was taken after the torture of bathtime once we had a chance to snuggle and get warm. I love a happy baby!

Our third week at home was quite the challenge- Landon decided he was going to cluster feed every hour to two hours and when he wasn't nursing he was fussy. Plus, he wouldn't nap! What three week old doesn't nap? This week has started out much better with nursing every 3-4 hours and napping really well again, so hopefully we are through that three week growth spurt madness.

On Wednesday we go to our one month appointment- I cannot believe my little pumpkin is one month old. Why does time go by so fast? He is changing everyday and interacting more and more. Although I will miss this sweet newborn stage I get so excited thinking about the little boy he is going to grow into and look forward to that. We are so blessed with our happy healthy little boy, and I love this time I am having with him at home. Going back to work in March is going to be the hardest thing ever!! I would love to be able to stay at home for a little while with him and have been praying over that, that the Lord would direct us in what is best for our family and provide the means for us should that be the direction we feel led.

We are also currently praying over a possible job prospect for John that would allow us to settle down and join the church we've been visiting for nearly two years. Due to the uncertainty of where we would live, we haven't made a decision yet on becoming members, but I would love to if we end up living in that area.

Overall, we are loving life with our sweet little boy and cannot believe how full our hearts are for him. Hopefully now that we've gotten this crazy feeding/napping situation calmed down I can post a little more regularly again!

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  1. I am slowly working through my reader, so reading in reverse order! LOL! Adding the job prospect, and your decision about if you should return to work to my prayer list! :) I love to pray for my friends, so any time you want to email me a request feel free!


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