Thursday, January 19, 2012

Don't Carpe Diem

Well ya'll, my first month having a child has already come and gone. Landon turned 1 month old yesterday and I am pretty sure I cried about it.
Everywhere I turn everyone has told me to soak up every second I have with him because he grows so fast, and so that is what I've tried to do. But there are days, moments, or minutes that I don't. That I want to cry because he is crying and I don't know what is wrong, because he won't nap for me when I desperately need a nap, or because he wakes up at 4am. A friend on facebook shared this article...and it speaks so much to how I have felt this past month and how I am sure motherhood in general will be. I think you can relate regardless of if you are a mom or not, and so I'm passing this article on to all you bloggy friends.

It is so worth reading :) Enjoy!

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  1. I remember reading that article... it is a good one. I also remember the newborn days... nuff said ;) It does go too fast, but the beauty part is that you will be learning every day and eventually it won't seem so daunting! Hugs to you!


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