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Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2012

After quite the hiatus from blogging, I am attempting to get back into gear and start the new year off right. So, to kick it off, I'm linking up with Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2011 with Ashley.
38 weeks pregnant, the day after Thanksgiving, heading to pick out our Christmas tree!
38 weeks

I Love You
Our sweet little family…2011 was such a special year for us.
Still Laughing...
Landon’s first bath time…I wanted to cry because he was so pitiful, but this picture literally makes me laugh out loud each time I see it. My dad’s comment when he saw it was “I’d scream too if a big duck swallowed me!”
Winter Wonderland
Going to find the perfect tree!
Our most important day this year…the birth of our son, Landon Cole,  12/18/2011.

Our sweet friends Sarah and Aaron at the baby shower for their little girl, Kaylyn. Sarah and I live almost 5 hours apart, but she is honestly one of my best friends in the world and has been a huge support through pregnancy and these first few weeks of motherhood.
new bern weekend 026
I Was Inspired...
by my Dad, who is an amazing photographer- and encourages me to capture life from a different perspective. The first picture is one he took in Nova Scotia, one of my favorites.
250465_2044783115198_1112970925_2451318_2371718_n 206064_2219833491348_1112970925_2665340_355355_n
Spring Fever
my gerbera daisy!
Travel or Vacation 
Our vacation to Ocracoke Island, NC this summer…truly one of the best weeks John and I have had, and such a special time for us as our last big trip just the two of us.
DSC_0040 DSC_0082

Summer Days
Our lake puppy! Josie loves boat rides and her life jacket!

A Day In My Life
Another Josie picture, on days when I’m not up at 430 heading to the hospital, we have a few minutes on the couch together, snuggling and watching the Today Show. Of course…this was before there was a baby in the house!
iphone 171

All Smiles
This shot of John and Landon makes me smile and makes my heart so full. He is the best father and has been such an amazing husband and supporter through this process for me. He is so in love with his little boy.DSC_0353

Autumn Harvest
Two pictures! Fall means football for my family, so the first is a shot of us all tailgating at the first game of the ECU football season this year. Second is a maternity shot with the pumpkin,  taken in October.
DSC_0074 307291_293749503987688_126040824091891_1147500_1126292016_n

Family or Home
There is kind of a story behind this picture. I have a photo/gallery wall in our living room with various pictures from our life, trips, wedding, etc. On the wall is a picture of my hand and John’s hand on our wedding day showing the bands on our fingers. So once Landon was born, I asked my dad to take a picture of our hands plus Landon’s little hand, the addition to our family. I plan on framing it and hanging it next to the one from our wedding day.

Our family has had so much to celebrate this year, and luckily it will carry over to 2012 for us. My sister got engaged to her boyfriend, Tommy and are planning a June 2012 wedding. This was our first small celebration and the first time seeing them after they got engaged, so we turned our tailgate into an impromptu engagement celebration for the two of them!


Let's Do It Again...
This is a picture of Captain Charlie’s, the houses on Bald Head Island where the lighthouse keepers used to stay. John and I spent our anniversary trip on Bald Head and loved every minute…we can’t wait to go again. It is a beautiful place.
bald head island 2011 091

I Miss You
A picture of the Provision Company, the best little hole in the wall restaurant there is. And maybe its not the Provision that I miss, but the town its in, and the setting. Located in Southport, NC with an amazing view of the water, this is representative of a place where I feel like my soul can breath a little easier. It never fails that in the middle of the winter, I miss the coast the much and cannot wait to get back to the simple way of living that it offers. Hurry up spring. :)
bald head island 2011 026
Landon’s little hair swirl….my baby boy, there is nothing more beautiful to me.
One of my mom’s day lilies that I tested out my macro lens on this summer.

My sweet niece Macy, holding Landon on Christmas day.

My Favorite
Of course, another Landon picture. I can’t help it. The birth of a child is incredible, and I want to soak in every sweet moment that I have with him because he is already changing and growing so fast. I love these sweet little eyes.

Hopes and Dreams -
No image here, but for 2012 I hope for health and happiness for my growing family. I hope we savor every sweet minute we have with our little boy and enjoy every stage of his first year. I hope we remember that the sleepless nights, tired days, and frustrating moments are all memories and precious. I hope that my marriage continues to strengthen through this new phase and that 2012 brings us a place to call home, something we’ve been praying for for almost three years.

Here’s to 2012!!


  1. What a beautiful year you had - I loved your entire set and I'm sure 2012 will be an incredible year for you.

  2. Such a wonderful collection, and an amazing year! He is too precious, and I can't wait to watch him grow in your photos :)

  3. Wow congratulations! Giving birth & being a mom sure is something great to reflect back on! Oh and, I am so glad to see we are not the only 'crazy' people to put a life vest on their dog! haha! We do it to our little jack russell when we go to the beach! I love your macro shot as well! :)


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