Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monday, February 27, 2012

traveling with the bambino…

This weekend we took our first trip with our little family. We decided to head to Atlantic Beach, NC one of our favorites. We used to go there a lot during college since it was one of the closest beaches to ECU. It is also near a lot of our friends from college, so we used the weekend to stop by and visit with several of them. It was a great weekend away, even though the weather didn’t cooperate. We loved getting to visit with some of our close friends and even got to spend some time with my sister and her fiance. Here’s some pictures from our adventure!

We got to visit with Sarah, Aaron, and Kaylyn…sweet friends of ours that we don’t see very often.
We had lunch at the Ruddy Duck in Morehead City, NC…YUMMO!
We visited with my sister and her fiance…
And went to the NC Aquarium, because it was so cold and windy.
We saw this gorgeous sunset…
Had great morning snuggle time…
And woke up to this gorgeous sunrise…

and then headed home.... :(
It was a busy, but great weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

this weekend you can find me…

strolling along this beach, gazing at these gorgeous homes…

wandering the docks of Morehead City and Beaufort, taking in the coastal air…

and watching the sunset over Salter Path

Headed east today for some rest, relaxation, and quality time with college friends.

Happy Weekend!

Two Months Old

Dear Landon,

On Saturday you turned two months old, and I cannot believe how fast time has flown having you in our lives. It is so exciting to watch you grow and change each day.

In your second month:

- You started learning to take a bottle starting at 4 weeks old. At first you did GREAT, but the past couple weeks were awful and you cried every time we tried to give it to you. You cried, we cried, everyone cried.  It would take you over an hour to even eat 2 ounces of milk. We didn’t think you’d ever get it. Then finally these past few days you have gotten the hang of it! It finally took us leaving you with your Nana and Boppa for the afternoon and they were able to get you to take the bottle with minimal fussing, and you’ve been great ever since. Daddy loves giving you the bottle and having that time with you, and mommy enjoys the occasional break! We are so proud of you.

-You transitioned to your crib this past month, and have been sleeping like a champ! At first you would go 4-5 hours, now you consistently sleep 7-8 hours at night. We put you to sleep between 10-11pm and you wake up around 5-6am. I have had to learn to be a morning person, because you are wide-eyed and ready to go when you wake up (just like your daddy). BUT, we love that you are such a great sleeper.

-On 2/4 we ventured to Raleigh for our first big "night out" with you. It was Aunt Becky and Uncle Tommy’s engagement party, and we thought you’d be able to take the bottle while we were eating dinner…you had other plans. The meal ended with me in the back of the restaurant nursing you near the women’s restroom. (Funny part for me- all these teenage girls were there for prom  night and all I kept thinking was “oh my gosh, I am that mom, nursing her baby, in the back of the restaurant, watching all these young girls go by…how in the WORLD did this happen?!” Major “Oh my gosh, I’m an adult” moment.)

-You smile SO much, and it just steals my heart. We love interacting with you, listening to you coo and make more sweet noises, and watching you learn to focus on things around you.


-You love your play mat, and are so entertained by the mobile with birds on it and the songs it plays- we spend quality time on the play mat each day.

-You’ve learned to love bath time, and kick your feet like crazy. When the water splashes you, you make the silliest faces.


-You look like all the men in your family. Sometimes when you smile you look exactly like your great granddaddy Mac (my paternal grandfather). I so wish he could have met you- he would have loved you. I see him in you in so many ways, and feel so connected to him, through you. You not only look like him when you smile. But the day you were born was two days before the two year anniversary of his death. For the past couple years, we have associated Christmas with his passing, and now we celebrate your birth and remember him through you. It is a very interesting connection, and I have no doubt it is God’s way of saying that Granddaddy Mac is still very much here with us and a part of our family.

-You are still wearing 0-3 month clothes, but not for long. Some of your pants are too short on you and some sleepers are too snug because you are so long. It will only be a matter of time before you are in 3-6mo clothes! (Side note, I wrote this earlier this week..and last night we put you in a 3-6mo are going to be one tall little boy!)

-On 2/21 we went to your two month doctors appointment you weighed 10 lbs, 15.2 oz (24th%), and were 23 3/4 inches long (77th%). The doctor said you were health as a clam, and loved how you were smiling and coo-ing while she was in there. She said you were one smart baby boy!

-We also went to meet Ms Liz, the lady that will be keeping you when I go back to work. I am not looking forward to that day, but she is the sweetest lady and I know you will be in good hands.




Happy Two Months baby boy, We love you!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Seriously, how can a baby change this quickly?
 (It’s the same onesie in both pictures…crazy how much he has grown!)


Sweet little man turned 2 months old this week...stay tuned for that post!

Linking up for Wordless Wednesday

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Tutorial Tuesday...Water Drops

This is the first time I'm linking up with Sarah and Ashley for Tutorial Tuesday!

I saw Sarah's post and had to give it a try...I think I might be addicted to trying to capture these waterdrops. I'm sure my husband will think I'm crazy standing at the sink taking picture after picture of a dripping faucet, but oh well- the outcome is pretty dang cool if I do say so  myself. :)

I'm excited to find other patterns/fabrics to use to prop behind my faucet!

Tutorial Tuesday 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

snowbaby appears the weathermen may have been right. (I know..shocker!)
They were calling for a little snow to hit our area today…and dang if it didn’t happen!
I wasn’t expecting much, this winter has been unusually warm for NC. But around 6pm it started falling and hasn’t really stopped.
We only have about an inch, but of course I bundled up the little guy and headed outside to snap those “first snow” pictures.
All bundled up and ready to go!

He was okay with it until a few flakes hit is little face….and then this is what our pictures look like :
Ohhh, that face! It kills me! The things we do to our children. Pitiful.

Happy Sunday ya’ll, hope you had a beautiful day, snow or no snow!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentines day.

Happy Valentine's Day Ya'll!
 Hope today is wonderful and full of love.
Poor hubs is at work like the rest of the world, and its cloudy and rainy here, so my day is going to consist of lots of snuggling with this
little valentine...

 a little krispy kreme valentine's breakfast (so not part of the Jillian Michael's diet, but who cares.)

...and last but not least, gazing at my Valentine's flowers that sweet hubster brought home from work last night. :) He knows me all too well, I can't stand red purple tulips are brightening up my living room!

Oh...and a little James Taylor for ya

Monday, February 13, 2012

multitude mondays

Linking up with Ann @ A Holy Experience for Multitude Mondays!


823.  for our morning snuggle time in the bed, just me and my baby boy.
824. for John, his patience and strength
825. renewed hope in His promises
826. Krispy Kreme heart shaped donuts
827. for friendship across the state- bonding over motherhood with Katie and Sarah
828. for Sarah’s strength and support through frustrating mommy moments
829. that I’m blessed with a husband, that is an incredible father to Landon.
830. daddy/Landon bonding time…
830. being silly with my sister, like we are little girls again
831. reflux medicine that helps my little guy feel so much better
832. eight hours of sleep several nights this week- thank goodness!
833. dinner with an old college friend
834. my night out without the baby, and that John stayed home to watch him
835. for prayer- its healing power.

Happy Monday Everyone!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

i wanna dance with somebody

What a sad Sunday morning, to wake up hear the news about the passing of the great Whitney Houston. It is so sad to me when celebrities get wrapped up in drugs and alcohol, when they have so much talent to share.
 My sister and I were huge Whitney fans.
Well, actually my sister was.

I was the little sister trying to be exactly like her much cooler, older sister, so I liked her by default. (Sadly, I was more of the Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears generation since I was born in the late 80s.) I remember my sister getting The Bodyguard soundtrack (on cassette tape, of course) in her Easter basket, and I got the Boyz II Men cassette tape in mine. We thought we were hott stuff.

Much of my Whitney Houston memory comes from watching my sister cry over The Bodyguard countless times, and spend hours in her room, singing into her hairbrush, at the top of her lungs, every. single. song. on the soundtrack. Side note- her room was painted pepto bismol pink, covered  in stuffed animals, and she often sported the side-pony and scrunchie look.
True child of the 80s.
And proud of it.

RIP Whitney, thank you for all the great music, and great childhood memories.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


This morning I spent some time photographing my little guy. Since he was born, John has wanted me to take pictures of him in his bassinette. This bassinette was the one that John’s dad slept in when he was a baby, where John slept as a child, and where my neice slept as well. It has been handed down from baby to baby, and is really sentimental on his side of the family. We transitioned Landon to his crib at four weeks old and he is now almost eight weeks old, so he looks a little large for the bassinette. I still love these shots.


Gosh, I just love that little baby so stinkin’ much.

Friday, February 10, 2012

the dreaded post baby bod

So here we are, little guy is almost two months old ( SERIOUSLY?!), and I'm still not back into my old jeans. Now, I know that this is perfectly normal. As my mother in law says, "it took nine months to gain the weight, it won't fall off in a week."
 I always thought it did. :)

After my follow appointment and getting cleared from the doctor to work out, I tried to start getting back to exercising regularly and eating healthy. No more pregnancy cravings and late night snacks. Enter that wonderful older sister of mine.
Becky has been trying to lose weight for her wedding this June, and knew I was as well, so for my birthday she gave me the Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 DVD. And let me tell you.
It. is. tough.
 I've been doing the first circut for about a week, and to be only about a thirty minute workout, I am dripping in sweat.
Ew. Gross.
Its the whole 'legs feel like jello' kind of workout.
So for any of you looking for a good kick ya in the behind workout. This is it.

Ohhh. I hope I survived to day 30. Heck. I hope I survive to day 3.

stepping it up

Notice anything different? I've been in the process of trying to update my blog a little, and am so excited for my new header and button courtesy of Sarah at Naptime Momtog. My sweet bloggy friend Branson offered to purchase Sarah's design services for me as a gift. I am SO thankful to them both for helping step up my blog.

Sarah is raising money for a conference she is going to for her son who has MIH Holoprosencephaly & Cerebral Palsy. You can read more about this here on her blog and consider supporting her in her journey. Sarah was amazing, and so patient with me while I tried to figure out what I wanted my blog to look like. Huge thanks to Sarah for her design, and Branson for her generosity. You girls are amazing!

Grab my button!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

day late and dollar short...

Okay, I'm actually three days late. I LOVE Superbowl commercials, especially on a year like this year when I didn't care which team won. I was pulling for the Giants, simply because a former East Carolina defensive tackle plays for them (Linval Joseph, #97). This is how I always determine which NFL team I want to win a game, but what players I know from watching them play college football. :) 

But this year I was really excited for the commercials, because I knew someone in them! The bartender in this Budweiser ad is Kristen Dalton, former Miss USA 2009, and a college dorm-mate of mine. We lived a few doors down from each other in good ol Jarvis Hall at East Carolina our freshman year. She's such a sweet girl, and I'm so excited for her success. Kristen, if you happen to see this post- Congrats!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I couldn’t sleep last night. I laid awake watching the minutes pass, knowing I should be trying to sleep before Landon woke up. But I couldn’t. From the day he was born, I have been consumed with anxiety. I’m not anxious about the new mom things like SIDS, or flat head syndrome, or some other thing that could be “wrong” with my child. No, I’m anxious about March 12th. The day I have to return to work. I have dreaded the day, even before he was born. I don’t want to leave him. I don’t want to wake up at 4am and become that sleep deprived mama that feels like she can’t function during the day. I don’t want to go to work for 12 hours and be away from my baby from 5:30am to 8pm, three days a week. I don’t want to leave him with this lady, even though I know she is capable of taking care of him. I don’t want there to be other children at her house, because I’m afraid he won’t get the one on one attention he needs. I’m afraid that if he doesn’t sleep well or take a bottle well, she will tell us he is too much to handle. I’m worried if he cries too much, she will get frustrated and won’t know how to soothe him.  I’m afraid she won’t want to hassle with unthawing breast milk, giving him gas drops or reflux medicine, or washing a bottle. I know these are silly fears- she is the sweetest lady, and keeps two kids perfectly fine already…but she doesn’t keep my baby. And in my mind, he is the only one that matters. The truth is, I would be concerned regardless of who kept him.

I want to stay home with him. I want to be there and make sure he is taken care of by me. I want to be the one that teaches him to nap well, and take bottles well, and play well. I don’t want to miss any moments, and it absolutely tears me apart thinking that I will. I worry that my 12 hour shifts will wear me out to the point that I will be worthless to him when I come home. I worry I won’t be able to keep up with my mama duties, and even more my wife duties. Will John be neglected, will my marriage suffer? These are the things I am anxious about. These are the things I pray over. These are the things I NEED peace over.

We have been in constant prayer for the past three years that the Lord would provide John a job that is closer to home so he can get home sooner. And now, we pray for one that would allow me to be a stay at home mom. I love my job, and my patients, and what I do for a living- but this little guy means more, and I feel this intense need to be with him longer than my twelve weeks of maternity leave allows. I find myself begging God to allow it to happen. To allow this desire of my heart to be fulfilled, and each day that passes, and no means for me to stay home appears, I become even more anxious. It is a vicious circle, that I never in a million years thought I would experience. I thought I’d be okay with living my “adult life” away from my child. And no, I know that being a SAHM is not easy, and it is not always rainbows and sunshine, that those moms deal with their own issues and feelings. But, I feel like it is what me and my baby and my husband need right now.


This morning I read this in Jesus Calling, and I just hope and pray that these words sink into my heart and allow me some peace over this situation that I have no control over…

Much, much stress results from your wanting to make things happen before their times have come. One of the main ways I assert my sovereignty is in the timing of events.

I have to trust. I have to believe that God has us in the palm of His hands and knows what is best for us. I have to believe that the childcare He has provided for us is wonderful and Landon will be in the best care ever. I have to believe that His plan is in motion, it I just taking longer than I wanted. I have to believe.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

dear landon

Dear Landon,

I’m not sure I fully understood the magnitude of what I was going to experience when your daddy and I decided we were ready to be parents. You entered this world, and my heart was forever altered. I stare at you sometimes and just want to memorize every detail of your sweet self. Those teeny hands that curl up into fists when you are nursing, that precious hair swirl that is slowly disappearing each day as you lose your hair, those teeny ears, and silly grin that I love more than anything. I look at you and wonder, how in the world did God choose me to be your mommy? What an honor, what a calling, what a challenge. I imagine Mary was overwhelmed when she looked down at her infant son in much the same way. I look at you, trying to put myself in her shoes, looking down at the child that would save the world, and I cannot imagine the emotion she felt as she held the Son of God in her arms. Right now you are so tiny and innocent, and I would love to be able to keep you like that forever, free from the heartache and hardships that life will ultimately bring you. But since I cannot, I want you to know a few things before you take this world on.

You will encounter so many people in this world that will try to tear you down and tell you that faith is not important, but I want you to remember that they are wrong. Sadly our society puts more emphasis on material things, status, and fame. But Landon, hear me when I say that those things are. not. important. Your character is what is important, your heart is so very important, and the way you love others is important. So when those people tell you you are crazy for loving God, you tell them they’re crazy not to.

I want you to live. Live life as fully as you can (John 10:10). I want you to take every crazy opportunity you can to see the world around you and experience life. Stay up late and see the stars, swim the ocean, hike mountains. Do it all sweet boy, but appreciate those opportunities, let them effect you to your core and alter how you live your life. Take it all in, and in turn praise God for it all.  Landon, always remember how lucky you are, and never take that for granted.

I want you to LOVE. Love God, Love your friends, love your family, and one day, find a girl, and love her like you’ve never loved before. Become a husband that cares for his family, provides for his family, and grows his family in a home rooted in the love of the Father. Love others. You will meet so many different people in your life, that have all experienced different paths in life…love them all regardless of what their story may be. Never judge someone because of the way they live, but love them through it. You may be the only love they ever experience.

There will inevitably be hard times in your life that I cannot protect you from. Whatever they may be, never question that God is right there holding your hand, walking you through it all. He never leaves, and is always faithful, no matter how hard it may be to see it at the time. Trust Him in everything, He will always provide exactly what you need, when you need it, just be patient.

Which brings me to my next point. Be patient. This is something I struggle with, often in life we are so focused on where we are going or what we are trying to accomplish that we miss what is happening right around us. Be patient with life, everything will happen according to God’s great plan for you. Everything will happen in His timing, not our own. So sit back, and enjoy the ride. Don’t’ be so focused on the future that you miss out on the present. Be present in each and every moment that you can, you will be a better person for it.

Dream. Dream as  big as you possibly can. You can do anything in this world that you can imagine, don’t let anyone tell you differently. But don’t expect your dreams to happen overnight, or just fall into your lap. You have to work hard and have faith that God is on your side. It will happen, baby. 

Give of yourself whenever you can. Give to those less fortunate, and give to those that already seem to have it all. I know you probably think that sounds crazy and are thinking your mom has lost her mind, but hear me out. Give, because everything you have is not yours to begin with. It is all from the Lord, everything you have is from Him. So be a giving person, bless those around you, and in turn, God will bless you.

I pray for you, Landon, that you become man of integrity and faith. A man that knows the God as his Savior. A man that lives, dreams, loves, and walks with God daily. I cannot wait to see the plans God has for you, and how he uses you to further His kingdom. I have no doubt that you will do incredible things in your life. I am so blessed by you in my life, you have given me the greatest gift ever, the gift of motherhood. No matter what happens in life, remember that your daddy and I love you more than you will ever know.

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