Wednesday, February 8, 2012

day late and dollar short...

Okay, I'm actually three days late. I LOVE Superbowl commercials, especially on a year like this year when I didn't care which team won. I was pulling for the Giants, simply because a former East Carolina defensive tackle plays for them (Linval Joseph, #97). This is how I always determine which NFL team I want to win a game, but what players I know from watching them play college football. :) 

But this year I was really excited for the commercials, because I knew someone in them! The bartender in this Budweiser ad is Kristen Dalton, former Miss USA 2009, and a college dorm-mate of mine. We lived a few doors down from each other in good ol Jarvis Hall at East Carolina our freshman year. She's such a sweet girl, and I'm so excited for her success. Kristen, if you happen to see this post- Congrats!!

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