Sunday, February 12, 2012

i wanna dance with somebody

What a sad Sunday morning, to wake up hear the news about the passing of the great Whitney Houston. It is so sad to me when celebrities get wrapped up in drugs and alcohol, when they have so much talent to share.
 My sister and I were huge Whitney fans.
Well, actually my sister was.

I was the little sister trying to be exactly like her much cooler, older sister, so I liked her by default. (Sadly, I was more of the Nsync, Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears generation since I was born in the late 80s.) I remember my sister getting The Bodyguard soundtrack (on cassette tape, of course) in her Easter basket, and I got the Boyz II Men cassette tape in mine. We thought we were hott stuff.

Much of my Whitney Houston memory comes from watching my sister cry over The Bodyguard countless times, and spend hours in her room, singing into her hairbrush, at the top of her lungs, every. single. song. on the soundtrack. Side note- her room was painted pepto bismol pink, covered  in stuffed animals, and she often sported the side-pony and scrunchie look.
True child of the 80s.
And proud of it.

RIP Whitney, thank you for all the great music, and great childhood memories.

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