Sunday, April 1, 2012

Quarterly Top Five

I love that I can finally join in on this quarterly top five challenge with pictures of my child! My photo folders are FULL on my computer of pictures of this little nugget of mine….and it is so hard to pick my favorites, but here they are in no particular order.

It was so important to me to capture his sweet newborn details, so I tried and tried to get every ounce of his little body in images. This one is one of my favorites- his sweet hairswirl that has since fallen out. I knew it would be gone before too long and jumped at the chance to get a few shots of it to remember.

Tiny Yawns…I got the biggest kick out of his yawns the first few weeks of life. He yawned SO. BIG. I really would crack up everytime and just waited for him to yawn again so I could enjoy the moment.

Three Weeks Old. I took this one evening when Landon was finally in a deep sleep. That third week was rough, and consisted of a lot of tears, and cluster feeding, and not  a lot of sleep or peaceful moments, so I attempted to take a few sleepy baby pictures when he finally dozed off. I really don’t have many sleeping baby pictures because he is such an alert little thing, so I love this one.

DSC_0233 copy
Sweet toes…it was so important to me to get pictures of his little details, like his hair swirl, and toes, and little bum. I love love love those sweet baby toes.

DSC_0282 copy
I’m not sure why I love this one so much- other than that I just think he is so dang cute. I love those sweet cheeks, and the expression on his face…it just makes me melt looking at this picture of him.

So there ya have it…my first quarterly top five! What a crazy, amazing, three months it has been. I look forward to capturing the milestones he hits over the next few months.



  1. Awww I've got such a bad case of baby fever that these are all sweet to me. Love them!

  2. I love them all but the first 3 shots were so special! I'd frame them if I were you!

  3. YAY!!!!!!! I am so glad you can link up too. I am even more glad that I can comment again. As long as I use a web browser other than Chrome, Blogger keeps me signed in. Weird since they are each powered by Google.

    At any rate. Landon is growing so fast!!! How is work going? How is Landon doing?

  4. These are soooo good!! I love that yawn and the last one. so sweet. I am so glad you linked up with us.

  5. Sweet sweet photos. i love babies!

  6. these are such sweet and beautiful photos! i love the detail you captured!


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